Sniper 3D Assassin New Tab for Google Chrome

Finding a mobile game is not as easy as before. Hundreds of advertisements, wrong projects that people apply to satisfy their egos, hard-to-play keypads on the mobile screen, slow-to-play games, prompting for money in the game we play for 10 minutes definitely hit the motivation of the players. Back to 2013.

If we start the task, we can see the following parts on the task map; Primary, special operations, daily missions, multiple killing, sought-after include game layers. I’m going into the multi-killing section for you right now. The game will try to play with you. The parts of the game are provided with content as a download.

Imagine an American movie and you will see what a Sniper is doing in the game. However, if you are very careful you will succeed in the game. The tasks you are given in the game are sometimes impatient, and sometimes it is up to you when you understand that a person is a criminal. Just don’t shoot innocent people. I want to talk about a concept that real players understand in Sniper. The graphics in the game come the latest. The reason is that Sniper doesn’t have much graphical features and its playability is great.

The screen shows the city’s skyscrapers and apartment buildings, where we will perform operations in practical terms. The thriller music of the game is great. It’s not like you’re in the game, it’s adapting it like it’s alive. When we press the Packages section; The starter pack includes the counterterrorism pack, the Pro sniper pack and the piggy bank. The packages at the bottom have diamonds, tokens, battle chips and premium. In the Achievements section, we can see pictures of the awards the game has given us.

If we move to the other layer, the options section includes sections such as sound, blood, music, y-axis invert graphs, speed meter, calculation. When you enter the game section, our weapons, again, packages, equipment, upgrades, ammunition and missions are available. In the upgrades section you can buy additional features such as weapons, long barrel mouth, ammunition, body, pistol grip, binoculars, muffler mouth or use it according to the game gift. Those who do not want to use the classic hunting guns can access the alluring weapons in the game.

Real Steel Boxing Champions New Tab for Google Chrome

In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you will use various robots to fight other robots in the boxing ring. There are currently 24 robots divided into 4 levels. Each layer represents the basic strength of each robot, even when the first-tier robots are fully upgraded, they will have no chance against the second-tier robots.

During the fights, you will use a virtual controller at the bottom of the screen with movement buttons and 4 other buttons, including light attack, heavy attack, block and special attack. The light and heavy attack buttons can be combined with the movement buttons to change their attacks, resulting in a total of 8 normal attacks and 1 special attack variation. This system is quite common in mobile fighting games, but the fighting in this game is beautifully designed and very smooth and difficult.

As you play, you will receive Real Money, the in-game currency used to buy, upgrade and change the color scheme of your robots. Upgrading is an integral part of the game as it strongly increases your chances of winning against opponents. As I said before, the game is very difficult and it is very difficult to fight with robots that have high stats and even statistics equal to yours.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing uses the energy system commonly found in free mobile games and web games; every time you fight, you lose one point of energy, you win or lose, and if you end, you have to stop playing for a while. You get a score every 10 minutes, but you start with just five, which means you have to wait 50 minutes to regain the energy used for just five fights. Obviously, there is a way to recover your energy more quickly and even increase your energy capacity, but as you probably have guessed, you’ll need to remove your credit card to do so.

Real Steel World Boxing uses a side-shift system that will definitely limit your movement to the left and right. The 3D models are very well designed and if you watch the movie, you will be pleased to see the robots in the movie that appear in the game.

Garena Free Fire New Tab for Google Chrome

Free Fire – Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games on Android and iOS. Let’s take a look at the content of this game, which is among the first in the list of recently released games.
The graphics of this game, which appeared in the war games category, is very successful and this increases the interest in the game. 

In this game that shows the success of pulling you will try to kill your enemies with your exact sniper gun. Use weapons from your enemies to achieve survival in the game.
take care to obtain ammunition by collecting materials. By collecting ammunition in your warehouses, you can have a chance to use it in the future.

Since you will be the last man, you will surely have to survive and you must fight relentlessly against enemy attacks. You will have the chance to play online with your friends if you wish to play against 30 players.

To hide from your enemies, you must use the bunkers in the area where you are fighting.
You can hide your life supplies and weapons in the shelters, and you will have the opportunity to respond immediately to the slightest attack. You can play this game on your Android device with version 4.0.3. There are currently no purchase items in the game.

Cosmetics such as T-shirts, pants and hats give your character no advantage in terms of play. These are really “cosmetic” items: Yes, they can make your character look cool, but you’re not playing a role-playing game.

If you have an expectation that your competitors will admire your outfit, forget it right away: they just want to kill you. Do not exaggerate the use of cosmetics, as these products are only sold for diamonds and you can only buy diamonds for real money. They don’t give you any advantage.

But the characters are different: they really give you an advantage. Free Fire has 8 characters in total. Two of them, Adam and Eve, are the characters you can get for free at the start of the game. They do not have any features and your goal is to unlock other characters as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that these statistics continue to increase as long as you continue to increase your character’s level. For example, Andrew begins with 2% less loss of stamina. It is possible to increase this value up to 10% by leveling and completing in-game achievements. In this context, Ford is the perfect character for an advanced strategy that requires the intelligent use of safe zone boundaries. For more information on this topic, please read our “Advanced Tactics” guide.


Shadow Fight 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

Shadow Fight, played by nearly 40 million users on Facebook, is a successful production that combines the elements of role-playing games with a fantastic world. After Facebook, Shadow Fight 2 has switched to mobile platform.

The game, which is very successful in mobile, saves space in the first download by downloading the new section in every scenario and the game is a very enjoyable one. Although Shadow Fight 2 is like a classic fighting game, it is distinguished by its spells, different weapons and customization of your character.

You play a fighter in this awesome RPG game with millions of people playing. You will need to train your character and improve your character with countless deadly weapons and fight the enemies you encounter. Challenge the world by combining your courage and your talent in this exciting story!

Shadow Fight 2 has advanced controls for practical play on touch devices. Using virtual joysticki you can easily punch, kick and special moves. Shadow Fight 2, a blend of classic fighting and role-playing (RPG), starts with great animation on the Windows platform and tries to learn different fighting techniques in line with sensei’s directives.

In the game we started as unarmed, we started to use weapons by improving ourselves and trying to kill the brutal fighters one by one by combining the expertly used weapons with the martial techniques we learned. But we do it for purpose. Our aim is to close the Gate of Shadows, which evil forces will use to make the transition to our world.

In addition to the choice of languages ​​and touch and control options for classic Windows devices, the acclaimed Shadow Fight 2 game will unlock a new weapon and fighter. Weapons that can be used during combat include epic swords, nunchaku, double sai, fan. Of course we also have the chance to wear armor.

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the top 10 games of the past year, with music that changes according to the venue and puts you in a fighting mood. I think he deserves all this success. On the other hand, there is no better fighting game in the Windows Store than Shadow Fight.

Stand off 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

One of the most popular categories that have emerged with the recent development of the mobile gaming industry is of course First Person Shooter (FPS) games. Standoff 2 has become one of the best representatives of this category. Standoff, developed by Axlebolt, came up with Standoff 2 mobile after the first game received positive reviews.

The game is played on European, Russian, American, Brazilian and Asian servers. You can enjoy multiplayer games either personally or in groups with your friends.
There are many weapons in the game and you can play the game more enjoyable by buying costumes for these weapons. At the end of each game, according to your achievements, you will receive money and experience points. With these coins, you can take the box and have features like weapons, costumes. In Standoff 2 you see some Counter Strike Global Offensive air.
Both the game interface and graphics are very similar. Perhaps the best graphics free mobile FPS game Standoff 2, although the gameplay is nice on the mobile, but better of course with Bluestacks 4 is possible.
Standoff 2 is more advanced than other mobile First Person Shooter (FPS) games. Standoff 2 has 3 types of game modes. The first of these is the Team Death Match. In this mode, the team that kills most of the two team players wins the game at the end. Another mode is the Deactivate mode.

In this mode, 15 rounds are made and the party that wins the most rounds wins the game. This is done with the number of players killing or the bombs that are established. The latest and most preferred mode is the Armament Race. In this mode you start the game with the UMP 45 Weapon and finish with a knife. As the man you killed multiplies, the weapon in your hand changes.

Whoever comes to the last gun as quickly as possible and kills the game that team wins and you want to kill more players. So if you want to be faster than your competitors right here, the best thing to do is to play with Bluestacks 4.

Major Mayhem New Tab for Google Chrome

Our game is called Mojor Mayhem. In the game you are an American soldier and trying to save scientists from other countries. You’re moving on different maps.The graphics of the game are not very good but it is a successful game in terms of distraction. In the game you can get different weapons, clothes and buff (aids).

If you don’t deposit your real money, it takes a long time to get them. The game can only be played with the mouse, you shoot yourself behind the object you shield. You can understand better with visuals. You can get the game for free from the Windows Store.Major Mayhem is one of the most successful shooter games you can play for Android. The new updates from this favorite game, which does not fall from the list of favorites, continue to offer a game experience that you will never get bored. It was.

Our lover has been kidnapped by the servants of evil and relies on his weapon. You’ll be the creator of a blast of explosions that doesn’t look like a lot of weapons and bombs on the way. You can also dress your personalized character with humorously rich costumes. The game is more sympathetic with the visuals that resemble animated films. Despite all this war environment, the game offers an elegance that will not negatively affect young players.

You have to perform 150 different tasks in the game which has 48 different sections. You will be writing a list of sacrifices for your beloved with 20 different weapons.

Traffic Racer New Tab for Google Chrome

Hi friends, our game review will be on Traffic Racer. This game, which is a Turkish producer and developer, is in the category of the most popular racing games in Goggle Play. When we enter the game a very simple interface meets.

Traffic Rider, a fun racing game, can be seen in traffic, not on empty roads, as its name suggests. The game is popular with its fun gameplay and successful graphics, 129 MB in size.

Play is asking us to choose a car if you’re new to the game, you can make free money at the top free of charge. When we choose the car, he asks us what part to play. As the infinite one-way name suggests, the cars only go in the forward direction. This section is difficult compared to the others, which makes the 2-direction move forward in the other 2-side backward direction in 2 directions. We are given a period of time against us until we get the car until it is full, we’ll make more money. We do everything we want in free, but it doesn’t make us any money.

With the new update added daily bonus is given to us here for a while we’re ambulance driver and ambulance drive is making good money every day I recommend you to play. When we press any part, we are asked to choose a venue. There is no difference between the desert, the snowy areas of the desert, just no difference, but I would recommend getting it the earliest as the money we earn in the night section doubles up.

Endless-style games are often preferred today, a Turkish-made game Traffic Racer; A racing game that most iPhone fans fondly played. For a long time, it has maintained a high ranking in the Best of the AppStore. You can buy a universal game Traffic Racer once and play it smoothly on both your iPhone and iPad. Of course, you can also use in-app purchases if you want to buy new cars and reinforce the game money you use to develop existing cars.

The logic of the game is a little too simple to talk about. When you press the right side, the car accelerates when you press the left side. To go left and right, we turn the phone left and right. You can adjust the acceleration, deceleration and vehicle control in the settings section. In the updated new version, new tools, graphics enhancement, daily bonus event and many bugs have been fixed.

The game will go up to where you can go until you hit a vehicle on an endless road with a simple logic. But the rest of the game is that you have a variety of cars at the market and you want to pick them up. So you will be connected to the game

The game grabs a lot of cars up to Porsche. We can also change the color and color of the car. You can also decorate your car with various pictures. For this, you need to play a lot of money to play. If we talk about the sound part, a simple music playing in the menu always meets us. When you go over 100km in the game scissors, you earn bonuses and you can get the car ahead of you by pressing the horn. In the game there are 5 modes and one daily bonus mode. It includes free mode (single, double direction), against time and free modes.

There are 4 different modes in the game. But if you don’t see Free mode as a complete game mode; 3 different game modes remain. Infinite (unidirectional), Infinite (double direction) and Time Against. The purpose in infinite modes; go as far as you can without accident. Of course, at the same time to go high speed and near the vehicle to give you extra points. In Time Again mode; You’re trying to go as far as you can in 100 seconds. Even if you have an accident during this time, the game continues where it left off.

Pou New Tab for Google Chrome

The once-messed virtual infant fury is now on the mobile platform. Just like a real animal, our cute little alien called Pou needs us. When you’re hungry, we need to feed you, drink it when it gets sick, have a shower when it gets dirty. In addition, when we eat too much fat has been successful in terms of realism. We have a laboratory, a game room, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is an important detail here. When we want to give our friend Pou to the lab room, we have to get him to the bedroom if we want to sedate him. In short, we can’t do this in the bedroom when we want to give medicine.

Pou’s food, health, entertainment and energy has 4 different features. We look at our alien friend named Pou and play together and develop these features. The game also has a level system. As you level up, our alien friend Pou is growing.

The producer has integrated 32 mini-games into the game, thinking that the game will only be squeezed when it consists of looking at our alien friend, just Pou. In this mini-game, there are popular games like tic tac toe, jet Pou (flappy bird) and hill climb (hill climb racing). We can play only Tic Tac Pou and Four Pou’s games with our friends.

There are various accessories, clothes, foods and medicines that are special to Pou. We can also change the color of our soap from the design of our room. As you can see, the store has a wide range. You can buy items such as hats, hair, mustaches, balls, soap from the store with the gold you have accumulated. As you can see in the picture, this place can change the store and the background. You can buy different different dishes. You can enjoy Pou with basketball balls and footballs. You should buy gold coins. You can earn or buy gold as you level up. The game is free in the android market, but you need to pay some fee on iTunes.

I suppose we don’t think we’re too mistaken to say that Windows Phone users have a lot of application support. After the removal of third-party Snapchat applications from the Windows Phone Store recently, we now have some news that will make the users happy.

Pou, one of the most popular games on android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms, is the future of Windows Phone. Only the Android platform has more than 100 million downloads, finally Windows Phone users can play. In short, Pou is a very creative and fun virtual baby game.

Although Pou is actually a bit of a character. We called him the virtual baby because the sounding bit didn’t sound good. You can give the name you want to wear your virtual baby as you like, you can wash and play games with him so that he does not get bored. In short, Pou, who could become a virtual friend, will soon be in the Windows Phone Store Pou also aims to have a virtual pet and you play it through various games. You also need to make sure that you sleep well enough, or your pet is not properly developed.

By playing games you can also open various features in the game by raising money. A nice aspect of the game is that you can play with your friends via Wi Fi or BlueTooth. For Pou, they give 1500 coins (in-game money) these days as a Christmas Present by the makers.

Farm Heroes Saga New Tab for Google Chrome

Farm Heroes Saga is the most valuable part of King’s  Saga  series that has been developing for the last four years.Change and match the products that can be collected in this amazing adventure. Join forces with Farm Heroes to prevent the evil Raccoon from destroying valuable farm lands. Swap and match three or more cute items to drive the raccoon away! A wonderful adventure, full of mixed fruit spree! Yummy!

Farm Heroes Saga is a player of all ages, environment and experience, thanks to its cute interface and endless script sections, although it is generally capable of blasting and solving puzzles by juxtaposing items of the same type side by side. .

Especially after the release of the Android and iOS-based mobile devices, the production is able to triple its current users almost three times, making it possible for gamers to experience it at any time, regardless of home, work or outside.

Farm Heroes Saga, which has been able to offer a different experience at every level since the first part and thus has never experienced the feeling of boredom or repetition, also attracts attention and appreciation thanks to its ability to play without paying any fee. Farm Heroes Saga, which offers different conveniences and advantages with the right to play, beans and gold, which can be purchased in exchange for Facebook credits, enables the people who desire to maximize their experiences in seconds.

Real Racing 3 New Tab for Google Chrome

Automobile games are among the top ranked games in the world. I will tell you the details about Real Racing 3, which was recently released by ARTS Mobile Gaming Platform.Real Racing 3, which is on the list of the most preferred games in more than 100 countries, is particularly visually successful recently.

In order to compete on 17 different tracks, you must win the races you participate in to help your chosen car become a high-end car. You will have the opportunity to swallow your opponents by adding additional features to your vehicles in the races you will make especially on 17 real tracks in real life. To play this highly visually successful game, you need at least 1.5 GB of free space on your mobile phone.

All the features of the real car brands in the game are chosen close to the real life and the players feel themselves in a real game. Especially after you have chosen the most suitable one of the 43 different cars in this game which is very popular recently, you will have the opportunity to take your place in the races.

With the first cars offered to you in the game, you will have the opportunity to win GOLD in your accounts successfully in the races you participated. In the following sections, you will have the chance to challenge your top competitors by buying new cars with these GOLDs.