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In 2020 a social deduction game called Among Us suddenly became the subject of most of the memes on the web. Let’s see why that has happened, and along the way, we will mention the features of our new Among Us extension. 


How Among Us Became a Sensation? 

Among Us has a peculiar story. The game has not much attention until the Twitch streamer named ‘’Sodapoppin’’ played the game one of his streams. That was happened in 2020, while the actual release date of the game was 2018. Of course, it was not just about one lucky break. The design and mechanics of the game are remarkably catchy too. Because of that, many famous streamers started to play this game. Since then, the internet has been filled with comics, memes, and illustrations about the humanoids of the game. 

Thrilling Mind Games on Space 

The addiction towards Among Us is all about the mind games. In the game, you need to catch the ‘’Impostor’’ in your spaceship. While trying to do that, the crew has to do some tasks to sustain the ship. There are two playable options: impostor or crewmate. On either side, you need to have a solid strategy to expose the impostor or kill all the crew members. The most thrilling side of the game your mind doing most of the work in contrast to the other high-end games. 


Customize Your Character and Your Browser

The game has the option of customizing your character with different types of hats, skins as well. There are even pets that will accompany you through the game. These options give you a more personal experience while playing. Just like that, you can customize your browser with our free Among US extension with our collection of wallpapers. Moreover, these features will elevate the experience of web surfing. Here are our features: 


  • First of all, date and clock feature with an astonishing design. 
  • A search bar will provide easy access to direct Google searches. 
  • We had to included sticky links so that when you try to open a website, use just one click. 
  • Among those sticky links, there are social media pins, selected popular websites, and our browser game website if you are interested. 
  • Most importantly, you may choose any image from the collection to assign as wallpaper for your new tabs. 
  • You may change the wallpaper you assigned according to your wish. You have to do it manually since we do not have a shuffle option yet. 
  • This extension is completely free, so you may uninstall it anytime by choosing the ‘’Remove from Chrome’’. 


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