Minecraft New Tab for Google Chrome

Creativity is a very exciting process. Turning your imagination to reality should be the most thriving moment of your life. In this digital world of Minecraft, your dreams will become a reality in a simplistic universe. Add to that, our Minecraft extension will also accompany you while you are browsing on the internet with its simple, yet rare design.

Minecraft: More than Just a Game

In simple terms, Minecraft is a sandbox game, where you are able to create anything with blocks. Yes, that sounds dull and boring, but considering the influence of the game, there is more to it. For instance, the game is a part of the curriculum in the education systems of many countries. So, why this simple game is so popular and influential? The answer probably lies in simplicity and the freedom which Minecraft offers you. For starters, the only thing you have to do is explore and create. After you get used to the game mechanics –instantly- the rest is up to your imagination and current mood. Of course, there are an infinite amount of game modes that you can play yourself or with other players.

Survival Creativity and Beyond 

The two fundamental game modes of Minecraft are the creative and survival modes. However, the Minecraft community is filled with progressive and imaginative people, so there are more to these two main modes. Every mode has its way of playing. You may create your space shuttle, survive in a harsh world filled with terrors or simply, live your virtual life on your own terms. If you are not fond of side quests, achievements, and competition aspects of current high-end games, Minecraft will ease your mind. Most importantly, it will open a path within your imagination which you have never discovered before.

Quality Web-surfing Experience with Minecraft Extension 

For Minecraft fans, we have created an extension to establish a connection between your imagination and your personal browser. Our interface and features will change the look of your web-surfing experience completely. It is free and easy to download. You may also uninstall it easily by clicking the ‘’Remove from Chrome’’ option. We are also a very open-minded people that means you can send your ideas and feedback to us regarding our features and interface, which we will mention here:

  • Our Minecraft wallpaper collection is limitless so you may choose one of them as a permanent wallpaper for your newly opened tabs.
  • Your search bar is also here for your direct searches on Google.
  • Of course, we have included the date and clock feature.
  • Saving your time is one of the priorities of us. So we have sticky links for you to reach social media and popular websites with one click!
  • If you need a short break, try our browser games which you may reach by clicking the ‘’Popular Pages’’ section.

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