Apex Legends New Tab for Google Chrome

Apex Legends became so popular at the time that it almost overshadowed the important games of the Battle Royale genre. Apex Legends, the free Battle Royale game that reached 1 million players as of the first day of its publication, reached 10 million players and 1 million players at the end of the week. (As of now, 25 million players and over 2 million players). Whether Merlin’s Kazan team is just free to make Apex Legends, which we play for long hours, or just some of the gameplay mechanics that they can’t do or don’t, Respawn has brought a new breath to Battle Royale. Is it possible?

The names of the players who created the Call of Duty brand were created by Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were formed after the release of Activision by Respawn Entertainment Titanfall. The Respawn developer team, who is at the head of the experienced duo in shooting game, has also reflected on Apex Legends. Titanfall themed games, animations, hitting sensations, and even in terms of classes, the Titanfall has a lot of traces.

Apex Legends has similar aspects to the classic Battle Royale games, but there are also parts of the genre. Jump from a plane (or from the bus!) To the map, try to stay in a circle on a map that is narrowing towards a random area, run a loot, eliminate the opponents in the final, eliminate the opponents in the circle and try to be the last surviving person (team), Battle Royale with Apex Legends Intersection set of type. Apex Legends’ Battle Royale type is the most fun part of the game in my opinion.

Namely; In Apex Legends, you start the game by choosing one of the characters called Legends. 8 characters have their own special ability, each character has 3 different features. (Tactical, Passive and Ultimate) The characters in the game and briefly the features are as follows;

Lifeline – Health Care.

Bangalore – Soldier

Mirage – Hologram Specialist

Wraith – Portal

Bloodhound – Technological Trace Driver

Gibraltar – Shield Place

Caustic – Toxic Trapper

Pathfinder – Rope Shooter

Currently, six of these characters are available for free. Class distinction makes Apex Legends, a team game-oriented Battle Royale game, played in groups of three. In groups of three, you are jumping into the playing field with a music that brings gas to the back. One person is the jump leader and can download the entire team on the map. So Apex Legends wants you to play a team game in the first few seconds. Obviously the pleasure of the game comes out when playing a team game. In my opinion, this class system is perfectly fit for the type of Battle Royale, in which everyone thinks in a direction and is after a loot.

Using the portal to open the portal to the right points with Wraith, infiltrate the back of the enemy, or use this portal to quickly change the zone, the shoot brings a tactical touch to the game as well. Likewise, the health worker Lifeline character has become an essential part of team play. The tactical feature of the Gibraltar character temporarily open the shield for 15 seconds. This shield works in critical places so that a shield character in the team can open the way to victory. Especially before removing the friend falling on the ground before turning the game can turn the shield. Apex Legends is a game that overrides Overwatch. Speaking of turning a game called Done. It is possible to reverse a friend who died in Apex Legends at the end of the tunnel. When someone dies and takes the card over to the recycling points, you can make the deceased born from the ashes like the phoenix bird again.

Continuous communication is very important for team play. Apex Legends developers will be aware of this, even if you do not have a microphone connection, you can easily communicate with your teammates using the detailed marking system. Let’s go here, there are enemies, here you can share information to your friends, even if you don’t have a microphone, you can mark the information here. Even your character says the type of weapon after marking. Not only that, when you are away from your friends or outside the circle, your character speaks and warns us that we are too far away from each other, or we are outside the circle. Details like this prove that Respawn has a head on the Apex Legends. The expectations of the players are analyzed well.

The mechanics we didn’t encounter in the Battle Royale games brought a new breath to the genre. The producer did not exploit the popular type, but tried to put something on it. New gameplay mechanics has managed to increase the excitement. This is a respectable act. Just trying to resurrect your dead friend has been an innovative game mechanics that adds a new level of excitement to the game that works well.

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Fortnite New Tab for Google Chrome

Unlike the knowledge of many people who read these lines, Fortnite is not actually a battle royale (BR) game. Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on July 25, 2017, Fortnite is a game where players can team up and serve up to four players. PvE (Save the World), which is rich in content and roughly defined as “Minecraft mix with Left 4 Dead”, is now under construction and will be free to play when it is completed. BR mode, which brings the game to the point where it arrived today, departed in September and is developing at an incredible pace, getting richer and growing. Let’s start by telling you how to play Fortnite in titles without further ado.

As I said above, you can easily define the “Minecraft mix with Left 4 Dead” form to be understood. Zombie-like creatures are our enemies in Save the World, whether you’re alone or with four friends. Our goal in the game is to collect resources on randomly generated maps in each task, build the structure required by the task, and repel the waves of enemies. Save the World, which has a rich content so that Fortnite can only be imagined by those who know only the BR mode, is actually a precursor to the future content of BR. In the first month of the game, before the release of BR, it has exceeded the 1 million sales threshold, so it is easier to understand how the game is a value and how it is acquired.

Let’s come to the real issue, the details of the BR, which many of you are reading. In the BR mode released in September, 100 players jump into the same map and try to be the last surviving person or team. It is possible to compare Fortnite BR with PUBG, but there are serious differences between the two games. First of all, the Fortnite BR has a built-in feature, which has a serious impact on gameplay and the end of the game because it offers players the opportunity to build structures or even castles. On the other hand, the map is smaller than the PUBG’s map. Fortnite BR does not have any means of transportation, which is not necessary. Another important difference is that the bullets from the weapons in the Fornite BR do not go directly to the aiming point as in the realistic nok shooter niş games, ie the bullets are progressively scattered. When all these differences come together, it offers more “casual” and fun playing experience than PUBG’s close to simulation. Fortnite BR.

Fortnite BR, which presents a colorful content to the players with its output, prepared a system called “Battle Pass” in the following months. The second season of the game, which was offered for sale at around $ 10 in the Battle Pass with the game – including cosmetics – characters, emotions, dances and many more added to the game. A small part of them can be accessed directly, and a large part of them is opened with stars earned by performing daily tasks. You can have all the content from the first day by paying a solid sum for what you say. The third season’s Battle Pass, which has just been released, has a lot more content than the previous one, and it’s a copy of John Wick, the biggest prize of the season.

Fortnite’s producer, Epic Games, is perhaps pursuing a policy that should be an example for all gaming companies. Producers who develop the game with great transparency make progress by taking the opinions of the players on almost every subject. Epic Games, which eliminates the errors that occur after the updates, brings continuous innovations to the game and gameplay. With the start of the third season and the release of the 3.0.0 update, “Hand Cannon” was added to the weapon range of the BR mode, while significant improvements were also made in construction.

Thanks to the new  Turbo Building feature, it is enough to keep pressing the mouse instead of clicking one by one for each piece during construction. Or Auto Change Materials  ​​provides an automatic switch to other available resources when the wood, brick and metal resources used during construction are finished, thus eliminating the blockages in the construction of panic. With Save the World, Hoverboard was added to the game, which is unlikely to be in the future. In the meantime, the game’s console versions of the frame-rate value of 60 to another important development. Finally let me give the following to the color-blind like me that the game was brought to the color-blind mode!

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Talking Tom Gold Run

After the early days of the period when smartphones began to multiply, Tom, the lead actor of Talking Tom in almost every age group, started to chase the gold. In this game, which we can call our Gold rush game and its graphics are mostly equal to the cartoons, our goal is to collect as much gold as we can.

Although it seems like most endless running games, Talking Tom Gold Run has a slightly easier mechanism and difficulty in game play. We can say that the gift boxes given to the players and the gold earned in the game are treated quite generously. However, if you forget to break the boxes in the game, you will not accumulate new safes. This leaves you constantly obliged to enter the game.

Outfit7 game company has created all the game characters so far under a roof here. But in order to have the characters, you have to skip the game levels and collect the gold or collect the special pieces from the crates. In addition, each character has his own house and you cannot have a character other than completing these houses.

Available in both IOS and Android clients, you can purchase real money and buy a version that you don’t see in advertising. While running after a thief with our character, our goal is to collect as much gold as we can. Later, we use these golds to build the homes of our cute character.

Talking Tom Gold Run has game modes and links that can challenge each other with your friends. To keep playing the game for free, you have to watch the ads you come up with, but you can play the game without ads in low amounts. The Talking Tom Gold Run, which seems to be a game made mostly for children, seems to have taken this feature of violence and cartoon-like graphics.

I’ve already told you that the crates don’t accumulate. This situation is seen as a poor quality by many players because of the necessity of entering the game periodically. But since it has a long history, it has more than 2.5 million downloads, allowing it to be ignored.

Tom, who once replied to us like a parrot, and reacted when we touch, leaves his place to a golden-eyed puss. In races that run through the levels and never run out, the more gold balls you have, the sooner you can have new characters. But if you behave too greedy and try to collect every gold you see, you may experience difficulties in level transitions and you may have to play the same levels over and over again.

I will say lastly that many of us were surprised at what smartphones could do, and Talking Tom showed up on a platform that could conquer our hearts and even called his friends. Talking Tom Gold Run is a high quality game that needs to be downloaded and tried and you can have fun times.

Geometry Dash

Most of the players in the world are expecting similar things from game makers. The main ones are not to drown in between a combination of immersiveness, a solid colour addition, quality graphics and ruggedized color quality are shown among the details that can make the game playable for players  and key combinations. But there are some players that play a game only to fight and to push the limits as much as you can. Here at this point Geometry Dash game as a man on the stage.


Geometry Dash can be defined as a platform game where you play with the rhythm of music and try to finish the chapters. It would not be wrong to say that the game, which involves players with multiple obstacles, requires nerves of steel. In terms of gameplay, not only is it on clicks, I can assure you that you will most likely get tired of it.

If you are playing on the computer, just click the left mouse button. The phone can be played by touching any point of the screen. This sounds simple, but you can be sure that the situation is worse than it looks. When you come to the end of the level you need to pass, especially for a long time, such as running your whole nervous system in such a game to lose, you can even be a nerve patient.

Of course, such nervous breakdowns usually result in deleting the game, but if I give advice, I think it would be useful to record your progress in the game. This way, if you reload the game, you will have the opportunity to resume where you left off. The game also includes equipment that allows you to track or communicate with people playing the same game. There are also blogs where you can write comments and advice about the game through the game link. Other users can make their own comments on the articles you write on your profile.

On the main screen there is a store that belongs to the game itself, and from there you can purchase the tools and reinforcements that you may need. Here, your currency is passed as a jewel and you have the opportunity to accumulate these ores and develop new tools or improve your possessions. Geometry Dash gives you 2 chests per day. One of these chests can be opened every 4 hours and the other 24 hours and you win nice prizes.

There are 7 different vehicle types in the game. The square, which needs the most use, provides the ability to jump. You can quickly travel between blocks and thorns with the spaceship tool. But the game wants you to have reflexes near perfect measurements. The most interesting part of Geometry Dash is its music. One of the main conditions for winning the game is that you act in a rhythm that is full of excitement and that makes you feel like a spirited spirit.

Sonic The Hedgehog New Tab for Google Chrome

Sonic The Hedgehog, one of the most valuable mascots of the Sega gaming company, has been very popular since the early 90s. There are a lot of movies, games and animations about the adventures of a hedgehog with super speed and his other super-talented friends. Many Sonic fans have done a lot of work without getting permission from Sega and Sega has hired many of them instead of reacting to them.

In fact, the basis of the creation of the Sonic character is the ongoing struggle between Sega and Nintendo. As the Super Mario brothers make a great sound, the Sega company needs a hero of its own, and as a result of long-lasting work, our cute blue hedgehog Sonic appears.

Even though it was the beginning of the 90s, Sega created a very colorful and entertaining game on a 2-dimensional platform and continues to collect the fruits of this character even today. One of the most important factors in the success of the Sonic character is his attitude. In addition to his superpowers, he has a super-charisma and is always at the forefront.

In addition, thanks to the accelerated and increased level of excitement, the players managed to pull the brothers out of the struggle to rescue the princess. After 1991, the almost legendary Sonic the Hedgehog has appeared on multiple platforms and even has a film that will be released this year.

Sonic, who can almost reach the speed of sound, lives in a peaceful area called the South Island. But one day, the animals living on the island slowly disappear and Sonic is suspicious. As a result of his research he learns that this is due to a bad scientist known as Doctor Robotnik. The aim of this villain is to experiment on the animals he catches, turn them into robots and turn them into their servants.

Thanks to these slaves he will take over the world and establish a country called Robotnik Land, but he has never met Sonic. Sonic must stop Doctor Robotnik and rescue his friends. He must also seize the chaos emerald of the doctor and put an end to this evil.

Both in the game world, as well as in cartoons and animations, the Sonic character is not only about being fast. His courage, his wit and his dedication to his friends are the factors that make him go. In Sonic games, our aim is to collect power rings and fight against obstacles by making a quick run on a 2 dimensional plane.

Generally, the more rings we collect, the stronger the more we kill the creatures and the end of the monsters mostly robots made by Doctor Robotnik. When we hit an obstacle, we lose some of the power rings that we collect in the game instead of dying, and we continue to run where we left off. But, of course, this is also a factor with boundaries.

Destiny 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

Destiny 2 is a production that makes you into a story and that is a rooted one in many games. You know, the biggest parameter that connects a player to the game is the story of the game. Destiny 2 has taken a big place in the game market by taking you in to his own world.

There are some game types, your goal is not just to play. I’m talking about rpg-type games that have quality details and topics that can give you an almost new life story. Here is Destiny 2, you will live one of these stories and you will not want to get up to the beginning of the game. The story of this game, embellished with great details, is a work of art.

Our game has followed a continuation of the story from the previous version. The Cabals we have fought in the previous game, this time as our first enemy and we start our struggle with them. Red Legion leader Ghaul, who seized the last stronghold after the collapse of humanity, becomes our main enemy in the game. At the beginning of the game, we do not have any power gained in the first game. Even the power that we call light is taken from us.

This power, which we call Light, is the biggest condition of being a guard, and without it, we are just a mortal. In addition to bringing more challenging air into this game, it also reveals that you need to play more carefully. Having the guns in the game content means finding special bullets and using them only on this condition.

But in the new game we now have 2 main weapons. You can use Kinetic and energy weapon weapons at the same time. With this feature, the game dynamic is very strong. At first glance, another innovation with Destiny 2 appeared in the talent tree. As soon as we open the talent tree, we can see that something has changed even in direct design. Our passive skills are on the right side of the talent page, while our active skills and ultimate powers are on the left side.

In the new game we can make small but effective add-ons to our weapons. Increasing the range or reducing shake, such as improving the quality of gun using features are great benefits in the game. Compared to the first game, Destiny 2 progressed at a faster pace, while the game mechanics advanced in this direction. When we play the game, our character and the situations in which we need to use our skills more quickly emerge.

From the perspective of the game graphics, it seems to have given all the attention to detail. These details, especially in the battle scenes, are very clear among the unique sparkles of the sparks from the metal pieces falling to the ground.

Candy Crush Soda Saga New Tab for Google Chrome

Candy Crush Saga is known by almost all people around the World who has a Facebook account. Even people who have not played the game have at least an idea about it. Knowing this popularity opportunity, King.com was on the stage with a game called Candy Crush Soda Saga. Well, let’s check what they got.

The difference of this game from the previous game, each department has its own different tasks. This time, instead of just exploding the candies, we need to save the bears trapped in honey combs waiting for us. If we multiply the samples, we try to complete the tasks by raising the bears to the candy string and finding the bears lost in the jellies.

Soda Saga in the game comes from soda bottles and their added features. When you manage to open a bottle of soda in the game, these bottles add the candy sequences in the opposite direction of the movement, so you can do the opposite moves and finish the tasks as they should. Each level has a main task. In our goal is to collect only a bottle of soda, while in another game we only have to blow white chocolates.

Let us also give you a few tips on what we call sugar joining. When we combine 4 identical sugars, the ribbon sugar is obtained and we can eliminate all objects in the column from top to bottom, or from right to left. When we succeed in combining the same color candies as t and l, we are making sugar in pouches and this allows us to detonate all the columns around us.

When we bring together 5 pieces of the same sugar, we create a chocolate ball, and this ball and a kind of sugar in the table are blowing all of them. As a new feature of the same sugar between the same sugar is obtained by bringing a different type of sugar and a colorful candy bomb.

Candy Crush Soda Saga in-game purchases very fast and practical. In the beginning, 50 gold gifts are given as a gift and then we can make a purchase by credit card. In this way, we are able to get extra reinforcements at levels that we’re forced to get, and we can get life supplements.

The combination of multiple candy combinations that are hard to tell even in most games is also available in the game under the hidden feature name. For example, combining 7 candies is near impossible, but it gives you a stronger bomb than all other bombs.

While most of the gamers play the game by moving the candies right and to the left, without having to run any plans and randomly, you can easily skip the levels by using your intelligence in the game. When you give enough attention to the features of the candy combination, you can pass a level that you cannot pass without losing dozens of moves with a simple bomb in a single move and this gives you a lot of time and a lot of life.

Asphalt 8 Airborne New Tab for Google Chrome

Gameloft, which has proven itself in mobile games, has achieved this success especially with its Asphalt series and has produced tremendous quality games. Now with Asphalt 8, he has managed to turn the game into a serial, and although he has been going on for so long, he still managed to surprise the gamers.

Get ready for the flight! This is the most appropriate slogan for Asphalt 8. For those who can’t stop in the field, a car game is coming! In addition, the name of this game Asphalt series Airborne! How can you name a game better than that! In the game with gravity-defying vehicles, we spend most of the race on clouds.

The Asphalt series, which is undoubtedly the best in the market in terms of gameplay, hosts the models of many brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. 47 different vehicle models are available and all are offered to players in a licensed manner. Gameloft’s gaming company has managed to connect the players with the absurd racing atmosphere and interesting accident effects it creates.

This series also chose to continue in an unusual way Asphalt 8 Airborne game we have met the cars flying. Our goal in the game is to reach the finish line first, as in most racing games. But this time, we continue our way by jumping over the ramps that will blow us on sky. As a result of these races, we can buy new cars with the gold we earn. We can also improve the performance characteristics of the cars we have, such as acceleration, suspension or engine.

At the beginning of the game, we are taken to a training mode by a game guide and tells us about the obstacles that we may encounter in a race. After this guide, we start the game as a career mode and 180 events with 8 different seasons are waiting for us. Cars are divided into segments. In order to have top segment vehicles, we need to achieve certain achievements targeted in career mode. Otherwise we continue to use lower segment cars.

If you successfully complete different tasks, such as tumbling in the air, the ability to control the vehicle perfectly, and the tactics of defeating rival vehicles, you will earn more gold and move faster into the other season. The graphics performance is tremendously good and the Asphalt series is built using the Havok physics engine. Especially in terms of environmental modeling, it left behind many racing games.


You can listen to music during the races are left to you again. Music, rock music and bass genres have been presented to the user preference. In addition, the sounds of the environment and the sounds that came out of the car engines were neatly arranged. When you’re at the end of your career mode with Asphalt 8, don’t think your game is over. Because now you’ll use your modified car throughout the career to beat your online opponents.



Soccer! Hero New Tab for Google Chrome

Score! Hero is a football game developed for iOS and Android by First Touch, which has been successful in sports games. If we are talking about the story, we start the game as an amateur football player and continue our career as a professional and continue the game with the dream of becoming a hero. Easy to play, easy to play, but difficult to master. Become a hero the most searched by professional clubs. Shoot, shoot, shoot and score! Everything is so simple.

Score! When you start the Hero game you are asked to choose one of the 6 footballers, after the selection of the player to enter the exercise is a kind of training. In the training period, you are given information about the game in many languages and they adapt you to the game. After the adaptation period, you will receive offers from different leagues and you are asked to choose a club. After the election of the club, then the match matches and then the league matches begin.

Score! Hero is also an alternative football game. As a matter of fact, the score is very popular in a period! The same team does not contain similarities to the game, but it uses the same system. Score! In Hero, you start the game by creating a character. However, there is not much choice in creating this character. Apart from skin color and a few basic hairstyles, you can choose the name, the country where you are a citizen and the team you will start with. At first, the teams you choose to have are quite weak. Besides the club team, it is also possible to achieve success with the national team.

Score! In Hero, Score! As in World Goals, there is a very easy system. Depending on your position and your friends’ location, you start a wholesale line and end at the point you want. This line is not exactly one-to-one, but the ball that follows reasonably reaches the goal. You can use the position to shoot, pass, throw away from the air or from the ground. Although the position of the ball in the positions, the angle of the game determines the overall position in the form of how you choose to shape. If the preferences you make are incorrect or if you cannot reflect your head and the position is not completed with the goals are considered unsuccessful.

Don’t worry, when you fail, knock you down like you did in New Star Soccer, take this suitcase, this door, come on, goodbye! They don’t go out the door. Instead, you lose a right and play the part from the beginning. But in the game, there is a limit to playing again and again. The heart-shaped bars in the upper left corner, which you can see on the screen shots, show your right to remain. Of course, your phone doesn’t explode when those rights are complete. Instead, you wait. Your player collects his energy again and you are ready to leave the field. You have to pay! I don’t wait, brother! Beck.

This payment does not have to be in cash. As you play the game, you can use the money you earn as you watch the ads. Also with this money you can buy various accessories for your player. But to be clear, the money earned from the game is not enough.

Township New Tab for Google Chrome

If the friends who are keen and willing to plan farm games and city planning should be able to watch these games from google play in terms of their reliability and the quality of the game, they should pay attention to the comments below and the number of stars.

The game is easy in terms of tasks but when you build a house or collective buildings you are defined for at least 5 hours. Buddha makes the game boring. In the game you are given some tasks given to you. Some of these tasks, such as 5 wheat, 3 milk in the game with the characterization of the task is defined by the characters. When you complete the task you give you progress in the game by giving coins and xp.

Again the train with the wagon defines you the task and you can add many products such as wheat to you in the quests to complete the construction of the buildings you are bringing pieces. For example brick, nails. Each section or number of people increase your field allows you to reproduce. The field is free in the shop and free to plant in the crops.

Of course, there are animals in every farm. First of all, the cows that you get. As you multiply cows, you make money and replicate your product. And you are asked to establish a food factory to feed them. As the level progresses, it opens in different animals. They enable you to build community buildings and factories in each level.

FireBalls 3D New Tab for Google Chrome


FireBalls 3D is an incredibly addictive game that gives you the chance to prove how far your capacity for skill, purpose, precision, focus and agility can go in super fun and challenging laps. If you’re looking for a challenge that will stay connected to the screen for hours, sharpen your goal and push yourself into this 3D adventure.

The gameplay in this game is very simple, but completing the levels will be a difficult battle for you. To successfully complete each stage, you will have to destroy the tower in front of you. This tower consists of a ton of rings that you must break by throwing balls. Click the screen to throw a bullet or hold your finger to send a big endless explosion. Each time the ball hits a ring, it disappears. Note the number of blocks you still need to get rid of to get the crate at the top of the tower.

The challenge in FireBalls 3D is that you’ll find a series of walls spinning around between your tower and your cannon. I mean, it’s really hard for bullets to affect the tower. As the levels progress, you will spin at different speeds and find more protection that will make your mission even more difficult.

Each stage is built by a series of towers, so make sure you get rid of all of them, and you won’t miss a single one or you’ll have to start over again. Enjoy FireBalls 3D and test yourself in endless rounds where you set your own limits.

Tank Stars New Tab for Google Chrome

In Tank Stars game you need to enter a tank by taking a tank yourself. Then you need to attack your opponents’ tanks with weapons in your own tank. But in doing so you have to adjust the power and angle correctly, otherwise it will be quite difficult to shoot your opponent.

The Tank Stars you started by choosing your tank are going against real players and real players. Your goal is to destroy it by bombarding the location of your opponent. Therefore, the ability to target in the game is very critical. Actually you are directing the target mechanism with a simple finger control, but you must fire the bomb by guessing the opponent’s escape route. At the beginning of the game you start a war with an entry-level tank, but in the following sections, a large tank inventory is waiting for you, up to atomic bomb tanks.

TANK STARS is a free-to-play, turn-based competitive tank game that lets players test their targeting skills against a real or AI opponent. Two-player versus play can happen online or locally on one mobile device. Players compete against rivals, collecting currency and rewards, and then use these to purchase a variety of different tanks and weapon upgrades. Gameplay consists of short matches where players face off on hilly terrain, taking turns firing bombs and missiles at one another. Players get a limited fuel ration per turn and are allowed to position themselves for a better shot. They can gain weapon upgrades by random air drops, and must shoot at one another until one of their tanks is destroyed.

This is a fun little arcade-style time-killer that’s swamped by tons of ads that constantly hit your screen. Tank Stars’ colorful cartoon style calls back to the more playful games of the 1980s when few games worried about realistic graphics or violence. The simple turn-based gameplay is appropriate for and instantly graspable by kids of every age. Admittedly, understanding how to solidly target and anticipate the behavior of each weapon takes some getting used to, but the local two-player matches are nice when you’ve got two kids and only one mobile device.

Tank collecting and upgrades are relatively easy thanks to generous rewards, but frequent ads and ever-present ad banners become annoying over time. Tournaments aren’t much fun either, since the rules aren’t explained (Are you playing against the AI or other players? It’s impossible to tell.), and the odds frequently feel stacked against you. Despite these things, Tank Stars offers a reasonable amount of free, uncomplicated fun for kids of all ages. That is, as long as you can deal with the constant advertising.