The player deals with an adjusted triangle outsider (regularly confused with a Poo) called Pou, who is hued earthy colored when the player begins playing the game interestingly. Similar as numerous virtual pets, Pou should be taken care of, cleaned, and put to sleep. The player can procure in-game coins by playing minigames. Coins can likewise be utilized to purchase more food, mixtures, and garments.

The player’s Pou has four status bars, the appetite bar, the wellbeing or essentialness bar, the joy bar, and the rest bar. These influence the interactivity.

Pou is taken care of by hauling the different food sources to it’s mouth. Certain food sources influence Pou’s other details as well. On certain events, particularly when taken care of a similar food again and again, it will won’t eat the food and make a “no” sound. Pou’s craving increments after some time. This will deplete the wellbeing bar.

Pou gets messy over the long run. It likewise poos, however it just does as such in the washroom, so the dung (crap) must be seen when the player goes to the restroom. Pou can be cleaned by being scoured with the cleanser and washed off. Pou can likewise be cleaned by holding the downpour cover over it rather than over the blossoms, however this technique is temperamental in light of the fact that it gives just around 50% of the coins than when done in the washroom. The defecation can be cleaned by basically tapping on it.

Pou’s imperativeness is depleted over the long run. The rate at it is depleting is expanded assuming the food or rest meter is at 0%.The elixirs that are utilized to keep up with Pou’s wellbeing are very costly and ought to be utilized sparingly.

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