Headball 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

You can be sure that you are in the right place if you want to be the winner of the rewards by easily defeating your opponents in Head Ball 2, which is the continuation of Head Ball game developed by Masoma Gaming. You can also download Head Ball 2 with BlueStacks 4 and start the match 1-0 ahead of your opponents. Because when you play from your computer, your opponents are playing from their smart phones or tablets. Be sure to install BlueStacks 4 on your computer as soon as possible to easily defeat your opponents. Now, let’s move on to our game.

Enter into our game and create a player name ourselves. You can change it later if you want. After you create our name, you can proceed to the game. When we enter the game, the introduction of the game is quite simple and useful. In the middle, our character, the forces on the left, the market on the right, and the play section, activities, characters, team and social parts are remarkable. We will examine all of this, but first let’s talk about the purpose of the game.

Head Ball 2, as you know, is a continuation of the Online Head Ball game by Masoma Gaming. In the game, you and your opponent have character and castle and within 90 seconds of the essence of football as many goals as you can beat your opponent. You can also have many character packages, special powers and many other awards by logging in daily. Moreover, the match is made by the announcer Ercan Taner.

Super powers are given to you against your opponent during the match. Among the super powers there are many features like small castle, ice ball, extra time, ice castle, fiery smash and more. You can go to the special powers by clicking the Powers section on the left side of your character. As you increase the level of your superpowers, the number of slots you can open for power increases.

You have fans in the top right of the game. As you increase your fans the level of your stadium will increase, giving you the opportunity to unlock the locked superpowers. You can create your own tactics by unlocking the superpowers that are locked and you can score your goals thanks to your powers by shooting your opponent out of the blue. In the beginning you can only have two superpowers and in time you can increase it to six.

Continue to participate in activities as you can and try to do the tasks. As you do, you can get bonus money or diamonds, costume packages and character packs. The costume package is used to collect ordinary, rare and legendary accessory cards. Card packs are used to collect ordinary and rare character cards. As you have won awards in the events, you also earn prizes according to your position in the league. These awards vary depending on the level of your league. For example, if you are the first in Amateur League 3, you will win 25 thousand gold, 35 emeralds and 1 cup, while you can win 100 thousand gold 110 emeralds and 7 cups in Super League 3 level.

You can create a team from the team division or apply for a team you want. If your application is approved, you will join the team. You can learn the level of your team in the ranking section, you can see your total supporters.

From the Social section you can see all your friends, approve your friendship requests and add a friend you want to play in the game and you can match it online with it. You can also earn 2 thousand gold if you associate Head Ball 2 with your Facebook account from this section.

There are dozens of characters in the game and so many accessories to customize your character. To open the locked characters, you need to have a certain number of cards from the same card, and you need to open the character packs in order to be able to collect them in the desired quantity. In the same way, the accessory part requests the same item’s card from a certain number and you need to open the costume packages.

Why do you need costumes and characters in Head Ball 2? If you think that in real life, all the players have different potentials and different abilities, so the characters here have different characteristics. For example, Jack’s speed, jumping, smash and size capabilities of the first given characters are 10, Roni’s speed 11, jump 7, shot 14 and size 8. This also applies to costumes. Costumes with different features have the chance to increase your one or two features.

Family Farm Seaside New Tab for Google Chrome

Before the rise of Candy Crush, there used to be another game which used to rule Facebook, it was called Farmville. The game brought the simulated experience of handling a farm over to the website and saw huge amounts of success. However, as the primary platforms for using Facebook changed from computers to smart phones, the game faded into obscurity and other better games took its place.

Though I never really got the game, I did get its appeal as it was somewhat of a simpler version of popular Nintendo game such as Harvest Moon. This is why I can understand the fascination of people with the genre and if you’re fan of farming simulators, then Family Farm Seaside is the game for you.

Family Farm Seaside is a farming simulator that has players take the role of a farmer and aim to control the biggest and most successful farm around. The game takes much of its core concepts from Farmville but has drastically improved upon them, thus making it a far better choice for anyone who loves farming games.

The controls of the game are quite simple to grasp and utilize the same touch based system that you may have used on any other simulator app. This greatly enhances the playing experience of anyone picking up the game for the first time as they don’t have to waste time familiarizing themselves with the controls.

That being said, easy to use controls aren’t what that gives the game its edge. Instead, it is the game’s reward feature which instead of punishing players for logging in after a certain amount of time, keeps everything from withering. This ensures that players can play the game at their own pace and not get frustrated after a certain amount of time. The game also utilizes new landscapes such as a farm alongside the beach and has players work towards owning their own personal island. All of these features, amongst many others, make the game a prime choice for anyone who loves farming simulator games. So if you’re a fan of the genre just head over to the Play Store now and pick the game up for free. While the game does contain some in app purchases, they aren’t necessary to advance further into the game, making the whole deal even sweeter.

Farmville 2: Country Escape New Tab for Google Chrome

Starting his career as a unique web browser by Zynga about ten years ago and starting to be published on Facebook, FarmVille succeeded in attracting the attention of the game lovers in a short period of time. FarmVille 2, which is much more lively and modern than the old game, is no longer a browser game, but it can be used in a single game with three-dimensional images and superior Flash animations.

In FarmVille 2, the aim of the player is to make the field most successful for him, as in the first member of the series, to ensure that the products he has planted in this field are collected quickly. In the old game, the hard-to-understand interface, which is criticized by many users, becomes much simpler and more ordinary in the second game, while the amount of wheat, water and seeds can be easily seen in addition to items such as money, gold and stars.

 This situation is especially at a young age and does not play a lot with computer games, the game lovers to ensure satisfaction and happiness. While the number of monthly users of the game exceeds ten million only on Facebook, it is estimated that this number can reach fifteen million with mobile devices.

We were not able to predict that Zynga would have a surprise for Facebook users when the Farmville craze for a period ended on Facebook. As a Facebook application, the company that prepared Farmville 2 broke the record with 48.9 million active monthly users and became the most active user of Facebook. Farmville 2’s applications include Texas Hold’em Poker (again Zynga’s  app) with 38.1 million users, even with Instagram even with 34.9 million users.

Dream League Soccer 2019 New Tab for Google Chrome

On December 17, we reviewed Dream League Soccer, the Android version, for gamers. Firstly, the game can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play. The application’s developer is First Touch Publishing; Known for its sport games, the well-known games of the developer include Soccer! World Goals, another ambitious football game, and Fresh Track Snowboarding, which has just announced its new name. We’re stepping into the game that requires about 120 MB of space on your Android device.

In Dream League Soccer you start the game with Dream FC. You are in the 3rd League and there are 16 teams in the league. When you complete the season in the top 3 you are going to an upper league. All of your opponents in the league are real teams and all players are real. Your competitors include mid-level clubs from European and US leagues.

The main screen of the game contains details about the match in front of you. Here’s where your team is ranked and what your opponent is. The lower tabs give you a wide range of movement for your team. Team Management, Player Development, Statistics, Transfers, Multiplayer, My Club, Get Coins and My Profile are the main tabs in this section. Now we will talk about the functions of these tabs.

You can see the players in your team at Team Management. You can determine details such as the tactical layout of the team and which player will use the horn. Your players’ positions, comprehensive features and almost like a computer game in the last period.

You can easily choose the best names and form in the best form when creating your team. The algorithms in the game are excellent in this respect. And it’s easy. For example, you can compare your goalkeeper and your backup goalkeeper with one-to-one features and you can easily see who is better. After setting up your team we can move to other tabs.

Lep’s World New Tab for Google Chrome

Today we are going to present the second game of Lep’s World series. Actually, there’s nothing much different than the first game. The most important change was visual improvement and new game worlds were included in the game. Lep’s World 2 is an arcade (arcade) game in which we advance through a platform in Super Mario style games and fight against enemies and obstacles on the platform track as we reach the goal and move forward.

The game progresses by completing the stages of the stages on the islands full of adventures. Against enemies and obstacles you have 3 clover at the beginning of the chapter. If the enemy touches you, a clover will go. When the total clover goes, you have to start again. When you complete all the sections on an island, you will see the section boss as you move to the next island.

In total, you have 10 lives and will be reintroduced in 12 hours. You should play very carefully as the difficulty level will increase in the following island and sections. You can complete the part much faster by finding hidden items in the game. For example, features such as super jumping shoes, running shoes will make it easier for you to pass obstacles and finish the section faster, so the shield will not be affected by the enemies. It is important to keep in mind the section duration.

If you cannot complete the game, the game ends again and you will lose a score. You must start over again. Lep’s World 2 is an online mobile game. If you don’t have internet and you want to spend time with wi-fi, you can download this game and play internet at any time. It will also not appear in ads when you close the Internet.

Dr. Driving New Tab for Google Chrome

Dr. driving is based on performing the tasks given in a simple city simulation. It’s a game that doesn’t look very attractive with its graphics. But when you start playing and you’re used to the steering wheel and controls, it’s a game where you get caught up with sudden turns. The other cars in the game do not have any intelligence, if you stand in front of them pass bam. In the game if you touch the upper middle area of ​​the screen, the rearview mirror opens.

Although the number of cars in the game is very difficult to reach. the money you receive from the task is not enough to repair. Repair is also discussed how necessary. I don’t think it works so much I didn’t feel too much of the benefit. In order to get a quality car, you must convert the coins to the coins of the game.

Let’s talk about the game system. Have to reach the specified target with gasoline given in missions. for this you need to go at medium speed and using the minimum level brake .Comfort mode in a person at least to shake the target is to reach the target by jumping in the speed of the task as fast as possible, we are trying to reach the target on the road as fast as possible quickly, except in the drifting task is a lot to wrap, but it is usually very difficult to do the task or I could not do.

Enjoy the fun of the different modes in the game. Career Mode, Car Laboratory, Best Racer, Tournament, Taxi and Champion in the game where you can develop by completing missions in the game. As you complete your tasks, combine new car parts to get new models or upgrade your existing vehicles. In the tournament section, you can compete with other players online and compete with them. Rise to the top of the rank system. Gasoline in the game, your right to play. A total of 10 gasoline is lost when you play a section and a new one is replaced every 10 minutes.

Brawl Stars New Tab for Google Chrome


Brawl Stars can really call the most suitable battle style game for mobile. Behind the game is Supercell, the producer of Clash of Clans, and they’ve done a really good job in these games. The game is a war game with a top point of view, there are many modes in the game, and these modes change your goals in the game.

On the top left of the game, we have trophies and progresses in the game. In the middle of the left side there are friends, characters and shops. With the Play button you start the game and if you want, you can choose which mode you want to play by pressing “Diamond Grabber”.

There are 2 of the chests you see on the login screen in the game. the activity chest on the left and the normal chest on the right. The star coins you need to open the chest on the left are only available when you win the match on the event maps and 1 time from each event map.

This mode is played as 3 vs 3 on the special Diamond Grab maps. The aim of the mode is to collect the diamonds in the middle of the map to reach the number of 10 diamonds and keep the diamonds for 10 seconds.


If we need to briefly explain our current mode of survival, we can call it survival mode. The aim of the mode is to win 10 players (10 Individual or 5 Duo Teams) surviving by collecting energy boxes in the game mode played on special reckoning maps.

In the 3-to-3 mode, each time we kill the opposing team players, we earn stars. The aim of the mode as a team by collecting the most stars to be the winner. But be careful, the more enemies you kill, the more stars you can earn to the opposing team.

In this mode we play as 3’3, we collect the screws on the map and forward them to our main machine. The purpose of the mode is to collect the maximum number of screws within the specified time and forward them to the main machine and to produce a large robot and destroy the opponent’s machine.

This is a little different and harder than the normal 3-to-3 mode. We need to fight the opponent and control the ball on the one hand to score goals. The team scoring 2 goals directly wins the match. If the normal time is 1-1, then he goes into overtime and eliminates all obstacles that prevent the goal from scoring. If the last 1 minute does not break the tie, the match will be a draw.

Color Switch New Tab for Google Chrome

Tap the play icon in the center of COLOR SWITCH’s main page, choose your game mode, and then begin to tap the ball with one finger to move it upward and through the spinning obstacle shapes by matching the ball’s color to the portion of the shape that it will touch when bounced higher. Use a lighter tap to hover the ball while waiting for the correct color, and tap harder to move the ball forward. Players can “shop” with points to change the shape of the ball and unlock challenges.

The game is simple on the surface- tap to keep a ball bouncing in the air and match its color to an obstacle in order to pass through it. Pass through as many obstacles as you can before crashing into a different color than your ball. The challenge of the game is that the obstacles are moving and the ball is changing color. Over time, the obstacles become more complex utilizing different speeds, shapes and areas of color. And as we’ve come to expect from these types of high score chasers, though the gameplay may be simple, it is equally addictive.

Though simple, it’s a focused, fun obstacle game that’s easy enough for older elementary school-age kids to play but difficult enough that parents can play, too. The game is visually captivating with a hip soundtrack, and, with numerous levels and modes, it could take weeks or months to begin to get bored; the bigger concern is whether kids will play it too much before they get tired of the bouncing ball and swirling colors and shapes. Ideally, the developer would offer an in-app purchase option so parents could get rid of the ads, which are distracting and targeted at adults. Also, it’s troubling that there’s no privacy policy, even though there’s no personal information required to play. If the ads and lack of policy don’t stop you, it’s fun enough and worth the time and occasional frustration.

Smash Hit New Tab for Google Chrome

Smash Hit, developed and produced by Mediocre Games, released its debut on March 6, 2014. The gameplay is particularly appealing to the bored of the casual and repetitive self-repeating productions. When you enter Smash Hit which is an action type, you meet a world of glass. Your goal is to throw the balls into obstacles and targets while going in one direction. However, although it sounds easy, it is not easy in the game.

In fact, you are constantly going in one direction in the game. The only thing you check is the ball. However, it is not easy to throw the balls to reach the goal, as the rules of physics work one-on-one. You can win more balls by shooting triangular life targets at the edges and you need to overcome some obstacles. Obstacles in front of you in the form of giant glass structures or blocks in the form of DNA. You are trying to cross them by throwing the ball from the appropriate distance and height for being in motion.

However, one of the most beautiful points of the game after you miss every 10 goals, the number of balls in one shot is increasing. This gain enables you to eliminate difficult and moving targets more easily. Support for Games Center on the iOS platform, Smash Hit calculates the scoring system based on the distance you have traveled and the number of balls you hit. A total of 13 episodes in the game is a paid content.

The purpose of our game is simple. We have a certain number of tools available, which of course will break the glass of the ball. When we break the triangular glass, we win 3 more balls. By breaking them, we are increasing our ball count and we continue our way by downloading the windows. If we do not break the obstacle, 10 balls are falling out of our hands. When the total number of balls reaches 0, the game is over. As I mentioned at the beginning of this simple article, I can say that it is a game type that will fix your life for a certain period of time. There is no continuity of the game.

With premium content called Premium, it’s possible to have features such as starting from where you left off, playing the chapter again, and storing the cloud. Otherwise, you have to start the game from scratch when your ball is finished and you cannot pass the section.

When we enter the settings section of the game sound and music, except for the other games, we do not see much of the graphic setting. Thanks to the three-stage adjustment, it is possible to make the game run at low, medium and high quality, allowing the phone to consume less energy.

Of course, one of the most important points of the game will not pass without mentioning the graphics. Since Smash is formed in a world of Hit glass, it has to give players a good feeling, from light to shadowing. This is because the sense of distance or proximity can only be awakened in this way.

Developers who have achieved a very successful work on this issue have shown a good job, especially in fracture effects. In addition, the game’s easy controls, quality graphics combined with a near-perfect production.

As long as I play the game I have not encountered any errors or missing. Moreover, due to the structure of Smash Hit, it is a construction that you cannot leave as it encourages the players to break their previous records continuously. Although some producers are constantly selling things, Mediocre Games does not make any pressure.

PJ Masks New Tab for Google Chrome

When the night brings a mystery, three friends are thrown into their pyjamas and act as a superhero in PJ MASKS. Connor , Greg  and Amaya  use their magical amulets to transform into superboy , Catboy, Gekko and Owlette, respectively. Combining their superpowers and teamwork, they ruin the plans of bad guys like Night Ninja and mad scientist Romeo 

TV superheroes come in all shapes, sizes and outfits, but these three cuty are the first to fight the bad guys and compete with the 5-year-old compassion. What makes your dream fun is often empowering for preschoolers and never misses the opportunity to teach a lesson about friendship and collaboration that can be easily applied to children’s experiences.

None of the bad guys are really scary and the little naughty boy is dealing with non-menacing crimes like stealing toys and turning a remote-controlled dinosaur into town. This will keep your mood light and often funny, and make stories impressive. PJ Masks are pleasant enough for parents and girls to watch together; this gives you the opportunity to remind us that sneaking around the house (even fighting crime) is not good in the real world.

Parents need to know that PJ Masks is a kindergarten series that centers on three young superheroes who fight night crime and live normal lives during the day. Stories are rich with positive examples of social behavior, from thinking before taking action to apologizing and accepting when guaranteed. Heroes rely on teamwork to disrupt the bad guys’ plans, and the bad guys often travel because they are selfish or rude.