At the point when tycoon industrialist Tony Stark wears his refined steel-network reinforcement, he turns into a living cutting edge weapon – the world’s most noteworthy battling machine. Tony has prepared his ultra current creation for pursuing cutting edge crusades, achieving sonic flight, and safeguarding everyone’s benefit! He is the Armored Avenger – driven by a heart that is part machine, yet all legend! He is the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN!



Iron Man’s Powers and Abilities:

Wears secluded circular segment reactor-fueled Iron Man reinforcement, giving godlike strength and solidness, the capacity to fly and project Repulsor impacts
Reinforcement is likewise equipped with complex tech, including a state of the art man-made consciousness, modern sensor frameworks and other gadgetry
Virtuoso level acumen, with specific fitness in creation and designing.
Iron Man – Marvel 101


Iron Man – Marvel
Mechanical virtuoso Tony Stark rehashed himself by building a suit of covering. Wonder 101’s are a progression of brief episodes that give you an intense training on the foundation of a Marvel Character, storyline, weapon, area and the sky is the limit from there. Welcome to the Marvel Universe!

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