Temple Run 2

Sanctuary Run 2 highlights another situation which blends Asian style sanctuaries, grass ways through a woods, streams, zip-lines, mines, thin extensions and reservoir conduits. You need to get around deterrents (swipe up on the screen), slide under others (swipe down), turn at convergences (swipe left or right), and move to the left or right to gather coins or stay away from hindrances (slant your gadget left or right).

Rather than the three more modest devil monkeys in the primary game, the player is pursued by a solitary, a lot bigger monkey. The sanctuary was at one time on the ground; an old development constructed the sanctuary yet they were killed by an illness. The head of the human progress was saved by a cure, but since he didn’t bite the dust, the elixir transformed him into the enormous devil monkey that pursuits you from the sanctuary. Prior to this, however, the human advancement mined great green diamonds. Accepting that they were gifts from their divine beings, they fabricated huge and great designs with them. They constructed a sanctuary for their incomparable god and before long the infection hit. As time elapsed, the sanctuary remained unfound until the pearls that where put all around the immense sanctuary were unexpectedly charged by an obscure wellspring of force. They lifted the sanctuary out of its concealing spot, and in light of its colossal size, it was found rapidly. Treasure trackers came from across the world to find the fortune that the carvings and compositions found in the principal sanctuary had told about. At last, after a huge number of bombed endeavors at finding the mythical brilliant symbol, a couple of individuals together figured out how to view it just as gone after by the head of the old civilization. You are one of those individuals and the remainder of the story relies upon you.


On December 3, 2015, variant 1.19 was presented. Alongside this variant temporarily came Frozen Shadows, “a disallowing new land, loaded with hindrances and difficulties. Surf the bobsled, race across the frozen woodlands, open new outfits, or more all, be careful the blanketed Demon Monkeys which sneak behind each corner!” Players been able to race on either the new Frozen Shadows map, or the first Sky Summit map. Six new relics (Frozen) were likewise delivered in this variant.

In the Halloween update of 2016, the guide Sky Summit was changed into Spooky Summit. All nonetheless, when the new update came, that guide turned into a different guide its own, costing 200 Gems!

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