Dumb Ways To Die New Tab for Google Chrome

Dumb Ways To Die is a viral safety study of Australia’s Melbourne subway in 2012. It is a short film prepared for the young people around the subway to be more careful and has become a game over time. In fact, the company’s aim is to monitor the most dangerous behaviors of young people for the purpose of private security and aim to draw attention to the player by rewarding the players with points by correcting and correcting the dangerous behaviors done in the game.

As a matter of fact, the game is instructive for the user. The songs played in the game were made by a small group known as Ten Green Kitty in Melbourne. The advertising campaign has achieved its original goal, which has reached up to 46% of its target audience in a month.
This means that achieving 46% of the target audience in a short period of time is really a great achievement for the purpose. With up to 50 million downloads, the game also has 4.3 points rated by users. At the beginning of the game a short animation welcomes game lovers and at the beginning of the game players are given 3 rights. In the game that has different tasks, the players get shorter as they pass these missions and provide the player to gain experience.

Tasks include connecting electrical cables, vomit cleaning, walking away from the railroads, leaving the train in front of the train, surviving, taking bread from the toaster without forking, keeping the fish in the water away, feeding the cobra snake by sinking the sandwich and poking the bear and poking the bear. tasks.

Dumb Ways to Die is a fun, addictive and quite different skill game from other games. Our goal in the game is to save our little characters from death by fulfilling the requirements of us. But it is not as easy to do as it seems, although it seems easy at first,
time is shortening and it is getting quite difficult.

After that, it is up to our speed and skill to save our lovely characters. Sometimes we try to protect our characters from dangerous piranhas and sometimes from the dangers that will happen as a result of their own stupidity.

Pubg Mobile New Tab for Google Chrome

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now the name of all players in the world of video games. Every day, a new record of news and the game to reach such a large audience, all segments of the surprise continues to be watched. However, although the name of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gained a great reputation in a short time, we can say that there is a long story behind the game.

So why do you think that the successful production that evolved from DayZ, which first emerged as an Arma mode, was so loved? Unlike the developers who have given years to the video game world, Brendan Greene, who is considered a new developer and gifting the game of Battle Royale to acting, could not even guess that this project would be so successful.

It was said that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which entered the early access process on March 2017, could not get out of the early access process and would be lost in the Steam Cemetery. At the time, the biggest rival in the H1Z1 only one month to grow the game grows, of course, content producers (YouTube and Twitch) was supported.

But unlike the other developer teams of the BlueHole studio constantly to play with the game, probably played an important role in Keeping this much of the Battlefields PlayerUnknown. Almost every week until December, a new update to the game developers need to congratulate on this issue. During the first period of the optimization problem, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, improved over time, the full version was made.

With the update 1.0, the developer team added new maps, new tools and new animations to the game. With more than 30 million players and 3 million players, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the leader of Battle Royale. On the other hand, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds competing with Fortnite will probably not be overthrown for a long time. The game, which is already on the Xbox One platform in the console wing, is currently dominating the market. We can accept that the excited minutes offered to the player with its fast consumable structure is indispensable.

In a construction that starts on an ordinary cargo plane and leaves 100 players on the large map, your ultimate goal is to survive the remaining 99 people and survive on your own. In the first phase of the game, which can be played in teams of four or two, all you need to do is get the items that will be useful for you. You can try all kinds of ways to eliminate your opponents in the game where you can carry weapons, weapons, armor, energy drink, painkillers, ammunition, bags and much more with you. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you can eliminate enemies by throwing bullets like silence or Rambo. At certain intervals, you have to stay within the circle that is closed to a point of the map. Otherwise, you have to die even before you get into conflict with your rivals. Therefore, it would be good for you not to be too greedy in the game.

Also, it is important to note that the items boxes, which contain special equipment, fall at certain points of the map in a random way. It is impossible to find any equipment in these boxes in the normal areas of the game. So I can say that these boxes are very valuable and that after landing on the playground, it attracts the attention of all players. So if you want to get the box, you can be both an open target and a target for all players. You should also keep in mind the random bombing of the playing field. Depending on the intensity of the player, certain areas of the map are painted in red and if you stay in the red zone, bombs are falling on your head. To protect against the bombs, you have to take shelter in the houses around.

Csr Racing 2 New Tab for Google Chrome


This game is a racing game with great color quality, highly developed graphics and very realistic cars. But it is not only a racing game, but also a game that requires wrist agility and strategy. This is the biggest difference that distinguishes this game from others. In these games, Drag Racing, the main thing you expect to do is to win the race in a series way by throwing gears in time. Although we cannot say that the game is very simple to play, there is no difficulty for you; but he wants a little hand and reflex. The game becomes addictive when you have this hand habit and reflex. In this respect, although a bit more appealing to the gentlemen, the ladies are also in the head of the games are much in demand.

CSR Racing 2 has taken its place on Google Play and Appstore to bring a new breath of excitement to mobile car racing games. Produced by Natural Motion Games, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile games, CSR Racing 2 is a new game for mobile phones.

It will be very enjoyable to compete on the most stunning and fascinating roads of the city! The first goal in the game on the road you leave the other opponents behind the finish line to come first. In CSR Racing 2, one of the best car races of all time, you can add new features to your car as you beat your opponents.

In CSR Racing 2, you can compete alone or multiplayer with other players simultaneously. The races you’re going to do with other CSR Racing 2 players around the world will be breathtaking.

 At the same time you can chat with these contestants live, you can set up in-game teams. You can always be aware of and participate in the activities that are available online and participate in the game.

With the graphics in the game you will feel yourself in a real race. With CSR Racing 2 you can enjoy a great gaming experience with enhanced visuals and sound effects.

When you start CSR Racing 2, you have to choose a vehicle. When you successfully complete the games by defeating your opponents, you can add different features to your vehicle. You can change the paint, play with the rims, change the power characteristics to the best. In advanced levels you can use advanced options for gear, tire pressure and parts of the hood.

Hay Day New Tab for Google Chrome

Hay Day is a farm game that requires continuity and can be highly addictive. I wanted to warn you from the beginning. The application serves free of charge. Like the farm games we know, the speed of the game is quite high. As we fulfill our tasks in the game we are leveling up. Every level of jump opens up new features and we are able to earn additional revenue by selling our products.
As the game progresses, the excitement increases and is completely addictive. The animals we can feed are chickens, cows, pigs and sheep, respectively. As they level up, they unfold and one of the challenges is to feed the animals, because we need to feed them when we get products (eggs, bacon, milk and wool) from the animals. But because we only have one feed making machine, we sometimes don’t grow.

Other than that, we encounter things we don’t always expect, and that’s enough for us not to get bored. In the meantime, customers come and want products and give prices, according to him we can sell. Anyone interested in such games must download and play Hay Day. You can also find the players who play this game on Facebook and you can buy what you need from the products they offer for sale on your farm.

When you first set up the game, it starts by giving you a very short tutorial. The game started by teaching you how to harvest the crop team, first by taking the chicken and then the cow makes a quick introduction to animal husbandry. For each new game element, it continues to inform you again. Considering that many people do not want to play some games because of the complexity, this game adapts to you completely professionally.

With the increasing levels of crops and animals, the machines you use on your farm are increasing. For example, a cow gives you milk. You take this milk and make a cream and then make a creamy pastry, for example. Up to level 7, you can only sell products with truck orders, then you open your own counter and you decide which product to sell. Ultimately, you complete the task by repairing your boat and preparing the orders that come with the boat.

Sonic Dash New Tab for Google Chrome

Sonic, first appeared in 1991, is a blue-colored, rapid and continuous He was introduced to our lives as a game character who struggled with Robotnik. In the last years, Sonic has been involved in many games, cartoons and animations, while his latest adventure is on our iOS devices.

Sonic Dash, prepared as an endless running game like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Agent Dash, doesn’t use the sensor of our device in contrast to Temple Run, and we use our fingers just like other games in our moves to the left and right.

We start our game with Sonic and Sonic helps us to play the game in our first adventure. In addition to the controls that are familiar to the players who previously played these types of games, you can use Sonic Dash to wipe your enemies as you try to move your finger down the screen. In addition to these controls in addition to the game that gives the name of the Dash movement takes place. Of course, you need to collect enough gold rings to use this movement.

As you can imagine, the only purpose of collecting gold rings is not to activate Dash mode. You can also use your gold rings to buy power-ups for your character and improve your power-ups, and you can also think of gold rings as an extra life during the game.

Previous Sonic games are already used to this system. When our character hits an obstacle in front of him, he drops the rings that he has collected so far. However, to collect as many gold as possible during the game when you come to the relevant places in the bank to deposit your current gold can continue to play in that way.

Sonic Dash also has a number of tasks like other endless running games, and as you complete these tasks, your score multiplier is increasing. At the moment, however, Sonic Dash is a bit limited. Because in the game there are 11 missions consisting of 3 sub-missions and when you collect them there is no other task.

Although New Missions Coming Soon! While SEGA says new tasks will be added with updates, if 11x is not enough, when you fill in the bar required to activate Dash movement, if you do not perform Dash movement, multiplier is doubled. So you can play the game as 22x, which will greatly affect your score.

This is the case in the earliest days when the in-app purchases have gained a significant share in the earnings of the developers as well as the application fee and the players now pay attention to these prices as well. Remember, the EA made Real Racing 3 free of charge and only focused on in-game purchases, which created some frustrating situations. But don’t be afraid, there is no such application in Sonic Dash. SEGA, who doesn’t want to direct the players to buy too much in-app since the game is already paid, has made many items available for purchase with rings.

Specifically, the numbers determined for Power-ups are lower than many other games. Speaking of power-ups, let’s talk briefly about power-ups you can have in the game. Magnet,, HeadStart, Dash Boost and Dash Fill Rate 4 of these power-ups can be understood from the names of the function already.

Other acquisitions available in the game are HeadStart, Super HeadStart and Revive Token. You can buy HeadStart with your gold rings, but you need Red Star Rings, or Red Star Rings to buy Super HeadStart and Revive Token. You can earn these rings as you complete various tasks in the game or you can purchase them within the app for a certain fee. As with many of his other adventures, Tails, Knuckles and Amy don’t leave our blue eyelashes alone. However, these characters can also be purchased with red star rings.

Angry Birds 2 New Tab for Google Chrome


Angry Birds series of mobile platforms is the most downloaded and brings Finnish Rovio into the game world; software, souvenirs, books, movies, animation, thanks to the expanding strategy in the mobile world was an example.

However, the interest of the players has decreased due to the repetitive games in the recent period. Although the games were downloaded a lot, interaction and consequently purchases of goods decreased. This started to have a negative impact on the company’s revenues.

Rovio, who continued the Angry Birds series under different extensions for many years, brought the series to life as a second generation in which he resurrected the bad days. Angry Birds 2 in a sense, the firm stands up again.

Actually, the game was under trial for a while with the extension Under Pigstruction and was being spoken for a while to be called Angry Birds 2. The allegations were not denied and Angry Birds 2 was officially offered for download.

Angry Birds 2 design, animation and new mechanics are trying to differentiate from the first generation begins to feel from the first moment. Angry Birds 2, a little bit away from the classic theme music, has added a new timbre and bass-based work has emerged.

Unlike the usual world design and sequential task cards, there is a chain section progression that we will remember from productions like Candy Crush. As the chapter goes on, the chain moves forward and moves around the world as it changes.

There is a tab with various tasks on the main screen, as well as a tab showing the features of your accessible birds and the transition to arena battles opened in chapter 25. Again, your game rights and diamond accumulation is also here.

In the last games we have frequently encountered and strengthening icons that make it very difficult to use, all of your weapons are lost and are located at the bottom left. Birds instead of lining up in the chapters in the bottom part of the card settles. Here you can change the order if you want. In the following sections, you will also see reinforcements such as turning into ice, pepper and fire and duck rain.

The chapters contain two or more games depending on the location and the chapters are randomly shaped. In other words, a part of the second is not the case. Each time you enter the section, you will see different structures.

The damage meter on the top right of the screen fills up according to the destruction you do and can give you extra bird cards. You must use the birds carefully in the chapters as there may be no cards left for other games. You need it with diamonds or money. Generally, it is ideal to demolish structures with a single shot.

There are various treasures among the departments. You can also send and receive empowerment via Facebook. However, in-game purchase offers do not disturb the gameplay too much.

Crossy Road New Tab for Google Chrome

One of the first things that is taught to children in the family and school is to cross the street. Although crossing is evaluated in an easy-to-use category of action, a mistake or a moment of distraction is caused to die. Game-makers who love to consider the simplest elements of everyday life in a fictional dimension have also managed to play a game from crossing the street.

 Crossy Road presents the popular design language and gaming experience with one of the most basic actions of daily life. Our goal at Crossy Road, produced by Hipster Whale, is to take our hero as far away as possible by keeping it away from the dangers it will face in traffic.

On Crossy Road, players are asked to cross the character controlled in heavy traffic. Although the idea was that the main protagonist was a chicken at the beginning, it made it possible to unlock different characters by making some progress in the game. The character lock is opened with a draw at the end of the run or in-app purchase. With a wide range of characters, Crossy Road provides players with an intense but uncomfortable effort to buy these characters. Crossy Road offers players the opportunity to test some characters and does not neglect to offer sales offers with special bonuses.

At the beginning of the game, our first character, our chickens are hit by the cars and the sudden moves of the trains, while the river side, we try to cross over the logs moving from left to right. As we move forward with our hero, some of the subtle details within the game are remarkable, such as hearing the music played in some of the cars passing by.

It can easily be said that Crossy Road’s basic gaming experience is close to weariness in Flappy Bird and derivative games. The fact that the game is about to move fast on the ground rather than flying, even if the players are awakened by the fact that the players will not be overstressed, the heavy traffic flow and the removal of various obstacles against the characters make this progress difficult. Sometimes an eagle from above to fly the control of the character to fly the players at a time can be crazy.

One of the most interesting aspects of Crossy Road is that it gives players both the game and the opportunity to record themselves during the game. When you tap the icon in the lower right corner of the Start screen, the recording menu of Crossy Road is displayed. When the players press the record button, the immortalization process of the Crossy Road adventure begins. Players can also record their images with the game by activating their front cameras. Storing and sharing the recorded images takes place over the internet.

In the game where we can use the screen upright and horizontal, my advice is to use the screen in the horizontal position. In this way, it will be easier for us to see the vehicles that are approaching our hero and to go to the right, left, forward or back. If you are too late to make a decision, a big eagle takes away your character and you start the game again.

The recently popular checkered design language is on Crossy Road. While it is obvious that the popular design language has been carefully adapted to Crossy Road, this does not change the fact that the eyes are tired after a certain point. Crossy Road; Its cute characters, a sleek yet tiring design, a challenging gaming experience, and a rather casual subject, make it an interesting mix.

The Sims Freeplay New Tab for Google Chrome

As a life simulation that attracts PC gamers, the Sims certainly keeps its place in memory. Of course, it is extremely well-known for people over 30 years of age, but people between the ages of 15-25 may have only heard of the Sims. The mobile version brings this legendary video game to smartphones. And it’s free for everyone to download.

The game offers you an interesting life simulation where you can start with a house, a park, a fire station and a person you create. You have a home, basic items such as armchairs, refrigerators, bathrooms, beds, you have some money and you can buy new items right away, for example, you don’t have lighting, you can also have an oven in your kitchen. winning, acquiring hobbies; for example, you start a cycle of fishing. As you progress in the game you can create new houses, new characters and create new business areas.

Certain transactions in the game must be selected and then waited for completion; for example, you can have a 6-hour sleep or 1-hour fishing experience, so you can go back after 6 hours or 1 hour. This enables active use of the game through tasks in the game. Sims FreePlay is one of the most enjoyable and ideal mobile games for all ages. You should try it.

Thanks to The Sims FreePlay, you will decide on the decoration of your home by building your dream home. The mobile version, which does not lose anything from its gameplay on the PC platform, can take up a bit of space in the download area when you download it with high graphics. How will he make it up to you?

You can also view fragmented content from some of the Sims 3 packages on the PC on FreePlay without having to install separate packages. For example, our PCs with the Night Life package thrown into the nightlife, FreePlay will do so. In addition, you can get pets, in the game, you can communicate with other online friends, you can work together (such as party). Along with these aspects, we recommend you play The Sims FreePlay.

Jetpack Joyride New Tab for Google Chrome


Are you an Android user looking for a free entertainment game to relieve you at the weekend? If you haven’t heard of Jetpack Joyride yet, it’s the popular game for Android available only on the Amazon App Store. It was recently released on Google Play and Android users outside the US can now enjoy driving.

Jetpack is a similar running (or flying, in this case) game like Joyride Temple Run. The game’s hero, Barry Steakfries, takes action by tapping the screen once or several times, depending on how high you want him to go. This simple, with game controls is not difficult to play over and over again.

The objective of the game is to move towards a jetpack-powered lab while avoiding being trapped by electric sticks while collecting coins and coins along the way. Coins are used to buy more powerful jetpacks, vehicle upgrades, cool shoes and accessories from Stash, which is basically a store. The tokens are for spinning a slot machine at the end of each round. Awards include a 750-meter head start, a second life, or 100 extra coins.

Other vehicles are also available – including motorcycles, dragons, a bird-shaped plane and teleporters. When missiles or power poles hit, these vehicles are destroyed and you return to the default jetpack.

Some vehicles are cool – I liked the dragon and the transporter – but if you use it for the first time, some may actually do better damage. For example, Snow Bird doesn’t fly as much as I want, so you can easily be captured or bombed in low flight.

The game offers you with missions to the player. Get x coin numbers, get x number tokens, etc. – and knowingly you can play a game by deliberately accomplishing a task, or simply complete the task as a game. side effect. Awarded players with completed missions, locked Stash items and bonus coins increase your level.

The graphics of the game are not the best there, but the fluid performance is more than just making up for it. Clever and fun game design (with vehicle names like Crazy Freakin ‘Teleporter) contributes to the game’s appeal. Sound effects are a great addition to this arcade sensation.

High scores are the main motivator of this game, so it’s basically just a matter of playing over and over again, hoping to walk or fly the farthest distance to break your current record. That’s great, because upgrades and power supplies are available, but you’re not completely dependent on them. However, even without these advantages, you can still try – it may take some time and more effort. Nevertheless, the game gives you the chance to go the farthest you can go, and even helps you along the way.

Slither.io New Tab for Google Chrome


Thorntree Studios, the producer of the addictive game Agar.io, for those who want to conquer the world with a small ball, is in front of gamers with its new game slither.io. Published on March 25, 2016, the game in the United States in both the general application and game category was the most downloaded application. How to play Slither.io, where snakes are replaced by balls in Agar.io?

First of all, slither.io is playable on the web, iOS and Android. The game started by selecting a user name, in fact, is similar to the classic snake game on mobile phones. The aim of Slither.io is to enlarge your snake and enter the 10 Top 10 ”lists of the best of the game like Agar.io. You can follow your status in the general ranking in the “Leaderboard” section in the upper right corner of the screen.
In order to do this, you need to cut off the ones that come before you, to blow up other snakes, to explode and to eat their leftovers. Of course, doing so, as the name of the game to crawl like a snake (slither) is a must. The rules are simple, but the snake is a bit difficult to grow.

The game has already been addictive with its simple gaming structure and fun. When you meet a big snake, you don’t need to be scared and run away. Because if you can get in front of that snake and cut your way, you win.
It is also possible to personalize the snake in Slither.io. All you need to do is share your results via Facebook or Twitter. Slither.io also offers you special snake skin alternatives called ither Slither Skin.