Asphalt 8 Airborne New Tab for Google Chrome

Gameloft, which has proven itself in mobile games, has achieved this success especially with its Asphalt series and has produced tremendous quality games. Now with Asphalt 8, he has managed to turn the game into a serial, and although he has been going on for so long, he still managed to surprise the gamers.

Get ready for the flight! This is the most appropriate slogan for Asphalt 8. For those who can’t stop in the field, a car game is coming! In addition, the name of this game Asphalt series Airborne! How can you name a game better than that! In the game with gravity-defying vehicles, we spend most of the race on clouds.

The Asphalt series, which is undoubtedly the best in the market in terms of gameplay, hosts the models of many brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. 47 different vehicle models are available and all are offered to players in a licensed manner. Gameloft’s gaming company has managed to connect the players with the absurd racing atmosphere and interesting accident effects it creates.

This series also chose to continue in an unusual way Asphalt 8 Airborne game we have met the cars flying. Our goal in the game is to reach the finish line first, as in most racing games. But this time, we continue our way by jumping over the ramps that will blow us on sky. As a result of these races, we can buy new cars with the gold we earn. We can also improve the performance characteristics of the cars we have, such as acceleration, suspension or engine.

At the beginning of the game, we are taken to a training mode by a game guide and tells us about the obstacles that we may encounter in a race. After this guide, we start the game as a career mode and 180 events with 8 different seasons are waiting for us. Cars are divided into segments. In order to have top segment vehicles, we need to achieve certain achievements targeted in career mode. Otherwise we continue to use lower segment cars.

If you successfully complete different tasks, such as tumbling in the air, the ability to control the vehicle perfectly, and the tactics of defeating rival vehicles, you will earn more gold and move faster into the other season. The graphics performance is tremendously good and the Asphalt series is built using the Havok physics engine. Especially in terms of environmental modeling, it left behind many racing games.


You can listen to music during the races are left to you again. Music, rock music and bass genres have been presented to the user preference. In addition, the sounds of the environment and the sounds that came out of the car engines were neatly arranged. When you’re at the end of your career mode with Asphalt 8, don’t think your game is over. Because now you’ll use your modified car throughout the career to beat your online opponents.



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