Boruto New Tab for Google Chrome

The success of Naruto’s story continues with the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations! Since we are aware of it, we had to create a Boruto wallpaper collection and addon. If you are a fan, you will be delighted by our features and how we have brought your favorite characters to your browser.

Boruto Tooks After Naruto

Many of the Naruto fans anticipated the next series that involves the aftermath of the previous one. The original creator of the first series Masashi Kishimoto refuse to be directly involved, but his assistant Mikiko Ikemoto took the illustration work. That means the art style and quality are still at the top level. Also, Ukyo Kodachi and Kishimoto works a writer in the Boruto manga. As you might have known, the manga series involves the non-seen aspects of the first Boruto movie. The new shape of the Konohagakure and new characters are in our Boruto wallpaper collection and addon. Throughout the movie, we had a chance to see the older and more mature versions of the characters and get to know the new generation of characters.

New Characters New Environment New Adventures!

The ninja world of Naruto improved with the new technological developments, Naruto himself became the Hokage(the leader of the village), and his son Boruto is also taking the ninja training. He inherited the techniques and tenacity from his father, which is the driving force of the story. The manga has became a TV series that began to air on 5 April of 2017. Even though the environment is a bit different, the exhilarating world of ninjas has twists and turns for us. If you have not satisfied with the ending of Naruto Shippuuden and want to learn more, Boruto will meet your expectations. We also include those elements to our Boruto wallpaper collection and addon so that you will not get bored while browsing on the internet.

Your Browser will Never Be the Same After Boruto Addon

Browsing is the usual activity of any internet user. However, browsing is routine and dull experience. To change this, we have a Boruto wallpaper collection and addon for the fans! It is completely free and full of excitement. There will be no dull moment while using our extension for sure! So, here are our features:

  • High resolution and hand-picked wallpaper collection for your new tabs. Choose one of them, and set it as your wallpaper. There is no shuffle option to automatically change the wallpapers but, we will be working on that. Till then, you may choose any of the wallpapers from our collection and change them for your tabs any time you wish.
  • Sticky links will provide you easy access to social media through pins, and mostly-used websites.
  • You may also have easy access to popular websites and browser games with just one click.
  • A unique date and clock.
  • Boruto wallpaper collection and addon are free. If you are not happy it, you can uninstall it with ease. However, you can send your suggestions to us so that we improve our features and interface.

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