GTA V New Tab for Google Chrome

We would like to present to you our GTA V extension. But before that, let’s go into details of this prolific and perfectly constructed adventure game. Moreover, at the end of this article, you will find the list of our features for GTA V fans. 

Discover the Human Nature with GTA V

To be more exact, GTA V is an action-packed adventure game where you complete several types of missions to continue with the storyline. The main characters of the story are Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Their heists and other side jobs in the fictional city Los Santos will show you the different aspects of human nature. Maybe, you will have a connection with one of them, which will be a more personal experience. Of course, you do not have to be a criminal for that. These ambitiously driven characters are human, and not only the criminal side of them included in the story. Inıtıally these realistic aspects provide an utmost unique experience that you may get from a digital world. 

Online Mode Brings Infinite Possibilities 

The open world of GTA V is something to behold. Developers created a map with an enormous size based on the streets and roads of Los Angeles. With this vast map, you will find many things to do aside from the main storyline. You can try your chance at the stock market, play golf, and go to the cinema and more. There is even a chance to create your own challenges, like going against law enforcement. The details in the game are astonishing such as customizing your luxurious car. GTA V has a multiplayer mode as well. With this online mode, you can create jobs based on the story mode with thirty players. Moreover, the Content Creator allows you to create a parameter to play in your own gaming style. 

A Free and Exquisite Extension for your Browser

Our GTA V extension is something that every fan of the game needs. It is a bold statement, but while you are surfing on the internet, your browser should ease your mind with its interface. If you do not have that kind of thing and also a fan of GTA V, it is time for you to try our extension and these exquisite features. 

  • The wallpapers you will see in our collection are consist of in-game scenes, characters, and significant parts of the game. Moreover, all those images have high quality and resolution. 
  • When you choose one as wallpaper, it will be permanent for your new tab until you decide to change it. The shuffle option will be added soon!
  • With sticky links, it will take just one click to reach your social media and popular websites. 
  • When you want to have a short break, try our gaming website, which you may find within the ‘’Popular Pages’’ section. 
  • GTA V-themed date and clock feature. 


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