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Pandas, which look very cute in black and white and chubby, are from the family of small batches. The pandas are one of the least common, most interesting animal species with a large, and endangered bear species with large black spots on the white pelt.

Pandas live in China. For the first time in 1936, a live panda was placed in the zoo and only fourteen pandas were caught there. The reason for this is the difficult and approachable environment in which the great panda lives. Pandas live in mountains covered with dense forests. The top of these mountains is always covered with snow and fog. The narrow straits and deep rivers that are difficult to detect on the map make it difficult to reach these mountains. Due to these obstacles, the great panda was discovered by French zoologist Pere David in 1869. Since then, experts have difficulty in classifying this animal.


The large panda weighs 75-180 pounds and is a 1-1.6 m long animal including the shrinking tail. The feathers in the trunk are white and yellowish; the feathers around the arms, legs, shoulders, ears and eyes are colored black.

Although it is thought that it was not fed with anything other than bamboo, it could actually live without eating bamboo by feeding with other juicy plants. The caught pandas caught even cooked meat. However, they are mostly fed with bamboos when they live naturally. Especially when they eat the newly sprouted bamboos, they throw away the ones that had been cartilage.

The large panda sits on the ground as it feeds, opens its legs and catches its thin branches with its front paw using a strong false thumb. This sixth finger, which is not found in other animals, is actually a protrusion of the wrist bone, which has gained the thumb size and flexibility in the lower part of the foot and is prone to tearing action. An effective musculature has been developed in his head which allows him to pellet his hard foods. The molars are large and flat, and are much wider than those of the skull bears. His stomach is as hard and muscular as the grind of a chicken, and resistant to splinters and fibers. Unlike other herbivorous mammals, especially bears, the intestines in these animals are very short.

Large pandas are similar to bear at first glance, because their skeletons are heavy enough to carry very large heads. The offspring of the large panda are born after a 120-140 day pregnancy cycle and weigh only 142 g. This corresponds to about 1/800 of the weight of an adult large panda.

The number of people living in the wild is about 2 thousand of the Pandas, whose species is at stake. The pandas cover 99 percent of their daily nutrient needs. Every panda in the world belongs to China. China pandas rent to other countries. Pandas can remove up to 40 times a day. Panda researchers wear panda costume while doing their research. The life of a panda in the wild is about 20 years and in the zoo they can live up to 35 years. The pandas are suitable for breeding only 3 days a year. panda spend about 55 percent of the day for bamboo picking and eating. Pandas are living for 2-3 million years on Earth. When a panda is born anywhere in the world it is sent to China to help keep the gene pool wide. 60 thousand to 100 thousand dollars are sold in the figure. Pandas are among the highest mammalian bites. Although pandas resemble bears as their body structure, they are most similar to raccoons. As bamboos, the main food source of pandas, are reduced in nutritional value, pandas consume about 20 kilograms of bamboo per day. When the pandas are born, they weigh only 140 grams and are blind. The size of their mother is about 900 da. The pandas are a good climber. The Europeans became aware of the presence of the panda in 1869.

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Panda is a herbivorous animal in the mammalian class. But giant pandas are known to be herbivorous and carnivorous. Pandas are one of the extinct animal species. Panda pups are born with an average weight of 100 grams. Puppies are very small compared to adult pandas. The size of the adult pandas is approximately 1.5 m. Newborn pandas need breastfeeding every 2 hours. When they are three months old, they start walking. Panda puppies become 50 kg when they are 1.5 years old. Because their teeth are strong enough to eat bamboo. They spend about 14 hours of the day eating bamboo.

In the wild, it is believed that there were 1000 panda animals in the wild and 100 in the zoos. Most of these endangered animals now live in bamboo forests. So she prefers to live on the foggy, rainy mountain foothills of southwest China. The giant panda, the carnivorous panda, lives in the Himalayas. Pandas have tail lengths of approximately 25 cm. He loves to see these animals all over the world, he loves. These animals with their cheeks plump live with their mother. Every panda in the world belongs to China. China rents pandas to other countries. The pandas resemble bears in body form, but they are most similar to raccoons.


There are usually two strategies for hunters in hunting: combat or escape. Many hunters prefer to escape from their predators, because predators are often more complex and deadly weapons than their prey: claws, teeth, muscles, and so on … Unlike the ones we’re used to in bears, pandas are animals that can fall prey. Normally other bear species have no natural predators. However, pandas can be hunted by coyotes and leopards. Panda puppies can sometimes be caught by tree censors. Apart from this, there is not a lot of hunters who dare to approach a panda with their big size.

The pandas are less aggressive than the other bear cousins ​​and are more incapable of defending themselves; however, they have many advantages in the evolutionary process. First of all, we need to mention that pandas are able to inflict extremely deadly wounds both on their predators and on other living things around them when they get angry. The teeth of bears are specialized in such a way that they can easily break the hard bodies of a plant (bamboos) that we can use as furniture materials due to its durability. These teeth, just like the other bears, are supported by strong jaws that almost no animal can easily escape. An example of this can be seen from the penguin Gu Gu in Beijing Zoo. Gu Gu attacked, each time entering the region without permission and inexperienced 3 visitors, their bodies were taken to the hospital with fatal wounds.

The pandas are a little shy creatures, they don’t want to enter the areas where people are. This limits their living space considerably. Unfortunately, as people continue to settle in higher places in the mountains, the habitat of pandas continues to shrink. On February 4, Pandas Day was selected for pandas. On that date there are events for the pandas. Pandas live on Earth for 2-3 million years. Europeans became aware of the panda animals in 1869.

Pandas live alone until mating. This situation only changes in April and May. The female pandas are very selective on the spouse. Since they are an endangered species of animal, their peers are few. However, female pandas do not like every handsome panda. If the female panda wants, the male panda can mate. The other obstacles are that men do not have much time to flirt. Because the female pandas can take up to 5 or 3 days per year to mate. Pandas have a very special mail soft in black and white. Some people illegally sell panda fur between 60 thousand and 100 thousand dollars.