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Thor is the son of Asgard’s god, Odin, and the goddess of the globe, Gaea, and takes much of his story from Norse mythology. The great powers that come from two different worlds and thus have been declared as the great protector of these lands were given to the great powers to control the lightning. Although it was given the power of lightning control over the attractive Mjolnir, which was later beaten by the mighty Eitri, the powerful dwarf Eitri, it was seen in many stories that Thor had ruled meteorological events without the need for Mjolnir.

After growing up as a great god of war, and after achieving tremendous successes in his youth, Thor begins to make little cocky and unselfent behaviors, pisses off Odin’s father Odin, takes Odys’ powers from Mjolnir and sends him into exile and tells him the identity of Donald Blake in the world. Thor starts to behave like a real and occasionally weak person, who understands the value of being a human being in his new life and leaves his arrogant attitude. Along with the hammer, Donald Blake and Thor, the lightning deity who has undergone changes in two different identities, continues to live like this in the world, and joins the Avengers team as one of the protector of the planet and takes part in countless adventures.


Founded in 2008, MARVEL Studios has an important place in the cinema universe that emerged from Thor, the Avengers in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe continues to be a member. In the first Avengers film, The Avengers, which co-starred with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye in 2012, Thor made his feature film debut which a year before.

The first Thor film to the talented Northern Irish actor and director Kenneth Branagh, who was noted for his Shakespeare adaptations, was not particularly influential among the critics, but it brought along a good story of origin. It was a bit unfair to find the exaggerated role of Thor because of his theatrical background, as he used an overly theatrical and bleak language on his screen; While Chris Hemsworth was convincing in the role of Thor, Anthony Hopkins, who was cast as Odin in the role of Odin, was also raising the bar of the film.

Thor 2, aka Thor: The Dark World, two years later, was given to Alan Taylor, who came to the forefront after Kenneth Branagh, especially in the US. Taylor’s work is still out of the style of Branagh, but he is not able to produce a good film despite an effective villain like Malekith. Taylor’s work is still one of MCU’s worst films. The fact that the second Thor, who did a better job at the box office after Branagh’s waxed tongue, didn’t get much into the universe, put together a four-year period, and in the third phase after the second phase, Thor: Ragnarok arrived just before the road to Infinity War.

The CEO of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has been handed over to Taika Waititi, where he continues to deliver films to unknown directors. With the story taken on Hulk, the film was already engaging on paper. Both the Scandinavian mythology and the stink of Ragnarok to carry the white screen, as well as the Hulk, and the story of the Hulk, one of the best series of the Green Giant World War Hulk, the film was already the big plus without the film. The film, in which these motifs were interwoven in a beautiful scenario, had a great impact on the audience, but also brought debates on the damage to Thor’s character.

Ragnarok, the most successful Thor film at the booth with nearly $ 900 million in revenue, was particularly remarkable for the Thor character, which drew the seriousness of comic strips in the comic books, drawing attention with the use of art management and color. The character of Thor, who took part in the film in countless humor, tried to make a joke in every scene he was in, along with Taika Waititi, underwent a big change and how this would contribute to the universe. Even the most important characters like Hela and Surtur stayed in the wet scenes, and the American audience was met with great admiration.

The character development of his last film, along with a big breaking Thor, 10-year adventure, the first point of the Avengers’s third film in Infinity War has an extremely important place. The psychological crisis in the hands of Thor, who lost Mjolnir in Hela’s hands during Thor Ragnarok, was described as his courage and strength not made up of Mjolnir by his dying father Odin. e had won special powers as foundations. The Rune King, who was the image of The Rune King and who gained immortal power along with his legendary powers, also had the opportunity to exhibit his mighty weapon with his new weapon Stormbreaker against Thanos and his army. In particular, his own trilogy from time to time showing a very poor power Thor in Infinity War in Wakanda down to the scene among the fans as a full-fledged reputation and the character was considered to be the biggest star of the film after Thanos.

The Marvel universe, with its infinite potential, is considered to be the most powerful character. The story of Thor, who is certain to have a very important place in Avengers 4, whose name is still going to be released a year later, may be the story of the film. Jane Foster, who lost Mjolnir in the current comic book universe and deserves to be worthy of the Thor hammer, also gave the name Thor, the lightning god, has been in the universe for some time, away from his forces and his weapon. As an extension of this situation, the possibility of a dramatic ending in the fourth film is very high and it will continue to be one of the most important characters of the comic universe for a long time.

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