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In Tank Stars game you need to enter a tank by taking a tank yourself. Then you need to attack your opponents’ tanks with weapons in your own tank. But in doing so you have to adjust the power and angle correctly, otherwise it will be quite difficult to shoot your opponent.

The Tank Stars you started by choosing your tank are going against real players and real players. Your goal is to destroy it by bombarding the location of your opponent. Therefore, the ability to target in the game is very critical. Actually you are directing the target mechanism with a simple finger control, but you must fire the bomb by guessing the opponent’s escape route. At the beginning of the game you start a war with an entry-level tank, but in the following sections, a large tank inventory is waiting for you, up to atomic bomb tanks.

TANK STARS is a free-to-play, turn-based competitive tank game that lets players test their targeting skills against a real or AI opponent. Two-player versus play can happen online or locally on one mobile device. Players compete against rivals, collecting currency and rewards, and then use these to purchase a variety of different tanks and weapon upgrades. Gameplay consists of short matches where players face off on hilly terrain, taking turns firing bombs and missiles at one another. Players get a limited fuel ration per turn and are allowed to position themselves for a better shot. They can gain weapon upgrades by random air drops, and must shoot at one another until one of their tanks is destroyed.

This is a fun little arcade-style time-killer that’s swamped by tons of ads that constantly hit your screen. Tank Stars’ colorful cartoon style calls back to the more playful games of the 1980s when few games worried about realistic graphics or violence. The simple turn-based gameplay is appropriate for and instantly graspable by kids of every age. Admittedly, understanding how to solidly target and anticipate the behavior of each weapon takes some getting used to, but the local two-player matches are nice when you’ve got two kids and only one mobile device.

Tank collecting and upgrades are relatively easy thanks to generous rewards, but frequent ads and ever-present ad banners become annoying over time. Tournaments aren’t much fun either, since the rules aren’t explained (Are you playing against the AI or other players? It’s impossible to tell.), and the odds frequently feel stacked against you. Despite these things, Tank Stars offers a reasonable amount of free, uncomplicated fun for kids of all ages. That is, as long as you can deal with the constant advertising.

6 thoughts on “Tank Stars New Tab for Google Chrome

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