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The story of the zombie, which is handled in almost all written and visual art forms, has become a part of our imagination. In the movies we watch, the novels we read or the games we play, we always have this question: What would we do if there was a zombie invasion? I’m sure you’ve all gone through heroic stories. Although I think we have a bad news, I have a bad news; Most of us would be zombies in this big city complex where we were probably…

There is another city similar to this mess, and it is Raccoon City. Raccoon City, one of the most important locations of the Resident Evil world, is the main place of Resident Evil 2, although we cannot get around much in the streets. The city, where Umbrella Company carved the bell pepper like the first game, invites us to an adventure full of action and fear.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a revamped version of RE2 that came out 21 years ago. We are witnessing the story of the characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The film, which was produced 2 months after the first game, tells the story of the zombie epidemic to reach global levels. In short, the crisis of the Umbrella Company and of course the endless ambition of the people as a result of the outbreak, Raccoon City is in the streets.

 Although Leon and Claire are the characters we’re familiar with for the players who have gotten rid of the Resident Evil series, they actually enter the story with this game. We see him as a young girl coming to see his brother, Chris Redfield, and we see Leon S. Kennedy as a rookie on his way to Raccoon City. In fact, Leon fell into this rumble within the first day I’ve never dreamed of my first day at work I also did not imagine. At the beginning of the game you can testify to this breathless adventure from two different angles of intersecting paths.

By the way, I have another point to mention. Yes, Resident Evil 2 is a remake game, but the production team has managed to add some very nice details to the game. Both the starting scenes of the game and some scenes that we know by heart are adorned with brand new details. While this is a nostalgic look at the game, it also allows us to embrace innovations. Moreover, these innovations are not only in the plot but also in the game.

This is the similarity of the character choices we made at the very beginning. So you start the game by choosing one of two characters as in the original game. Let’s take this first start as Leon A and Claire A. When you finish the game with one of these 2 characters, you unlock the other character’s B scenario. So if you finish the script with Leon and A, the Claire character’s scenario B is opened. In the same way, when you finish Claire A script, you are reaching the scenario of Leon B. In this way, you are handling the events in a different way than the other character. So in the scenario of Leon’s Claire, where Claire is or what he is doing, we witness this when you start Claire’s script B, and we look at things from a different window. These allow you to track events in a different way and encounter new characters and increase the duration of the gameplay.

Let’s talk about the gameplay time and the difficulty modes. The game is really short if you take over the single scenario. In other words, it is possible to finish between 6 and 8 hours by searching around me and moving very slowly. If you act a little faster, this time may even fall below 5 hours. Additional scenarios or modes of difficulty will extend this period, of course, but if we take the overall average we can say that the game is finished in 7 hours in a single scenario.

When we look at the difficulty modes, we meet 3 different categories. When you select the Assisted mode, the aim assist comes on. So, when you target, there is an automatic lock-up to the zombies. If you choose this mode which you can easily describe as easy, you are slowly filling up and experiencing more ineffective enemies. We can handle the standard difficulty mode as normal. In hardcore mode there is a different situation. When you select this mode, you can only register by finding ink. Ink Ribbon has a limited number of inks, which increases the tension of the game. So if you have not saved at all, you are likely to return to the top of the game. When you select this mode, I must also say that more challenging enemies are waiting for you. I wish there was an intermediate difficulty in the standard difficulty mode where we could get a record with the ribbon. The reason why I’ve been talking about the difficulty modes for a long time here is some imbalances in zombies.

One of the most successful points of Resident Evil 2 is undoubtedly the atmosphere. If you play the original game imagined in your imagination, in the Remake version, you encounter scenes similar to your dreams. Misty and dark corridors, wind and rain through the glass, those creepy squeaks that you’ll feel at every corner … There are many elements in the game that are similar and complement the atmosphere. I must say that both character voice and sound effects are very successful. Especially the atmospheric sounds let you be on the thorn in every moment of the game.

Although Resident Evil 2 is a Remake, it is a game that is much more than a remake. I can even say that the game is a slap to Remake productions. In the sense of space design, it is a structure that tries to remain as faithful as possible to its essence and in a graphical sense it has a structure that has literally jumped.

In short, I can say that the old version of the Resident Evil 2 remains as faithful as possible, but that it reinforces it with new technology, sound and visual effects. I hope Capcom’s deep-rooted change in recent years and the success it has achieved has caught up with the sales of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Because when you finish the game you will have to wait for the next game in your mind, and there will be only one word in your ear … STARSSSSSS….

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