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Pet Rescue Saga, prepared by King, one of the most recognized and critically acclaimed studios of the browser game developers, is one of the most preferred productions of the social network with nearly twenty million unique users per month.

As a structure, the game has the same color as the boxes of the same color to explode side by side, thanks to the additional features, tasks and achievements that the user can become a short-term game can become a pleasant addiction.

As the name of the game can be understood from users of the first level of the game consisting of colored boxes of different possibilities and features offered to him by trying to solve the desired number of animals trying to reach the earth in a solid way. This occurs because the game is being learned a little bit.

 Players who sometimes encounter episodes that need to be re-played dozens of times in the following levels do not experience any boredom or repetition because they do not encounter exactly the same puzzle thanks to the boxes in the changing regions.

Pet Rescue Saga will continue to satisfy both the studio and the game lovers by keeping it one of King’s most popular and most profitable productions for many years.

Unlike ordinary colorful box or bubble shooter games, the animal rescue system has come across a flood of love that even developers don’t expect, allowing Pet Rescue Saga to become the most widely used browser game in dozens of countries in months.

Pet Rescue Saga, which tries to provide millions of followers with high-quality and hassle-free entertainment by eliminating the existing or potential errors in its weekly and monthly updates, has been able to use the King’s own add-ons at regular intervals to develop and maintain the success of the people. makes it possible to renew.


2 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga New Tab for Google Chrome

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      Caro Angelina Cruz, o Chrome cortará o suporte ao flash player. Atualmente, você pode jogar com o Chrome, mas deve alterar as configurações. Há outra maneira fácil de jogar que está usando outro navegador. Como ópera, firefox, Internet Explorer. Você decide…


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