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The new FPS game, Overwatch, based on team battle, provides fun moments with a high level of action. As we are used to in other games, our goal in this game is to take over the opposing team’s territory or destroy all opponents. 

In the game you have to try many different strategies to beat the opposing team and there are some factors that affect them. Developing counter-strategy for the attacks of the enemy team adds great pleasure to the game play with the team. I guess we won’t be wrong if we say that the game is the most successful part of the game, which is entered in 2 teams of 6 people. Since the action bar never falls, your matches are going very fast. On average, you can have fun with 10 to 15 minutes of matches.

With the announcement of the game, it was likened to Team Fortress 2 as predicted and compared. The main feature that distinguishes Overwatch from other FPS productions, such as Team Fortress 2 and Battleborn, is the special abilities of the character in the game. When creating your team, you must act according to the opposing team characters. The characters that you choose will be counter-specific to any character in the opposing team, which will help you maintain your superiority during the game. Character selection and the use of special skills in terms of Overwatch gives us the pleasure of other games.

Each character’s unique abilities are directly proportional to the class in which they are located. Some of the offense characters in the attack class can do more damage than usual against the opposing team player, while others can break the defense. Of course, this applies to other classes. The characters in the Tank and Support team are very important in providing support to the team and backing the game. As the matches are separated as an attack and defense team, winning the game is a combination of the right character and the right moves.

In matches entered as two teams, the selected characters can be selected and changed more than once. Perhaps the most important point of the game, the character change also affects the change of team play during the game. From the moment you start the game you need to know all the character traits for the combination of active defense and active attack.

As we are used to from other games, it is not possible to win all the games with just one character in Overwatch. With character switching, counter characters can easily delete you from the map. From the very first minute the game starts, you are involved in a high-level action. Returning to the game a few seconds after you die may become an advantage for defeating your opponents. Your moment of death is shown to you on the screen of the player who killed you again with the camera, and each dying character is born in the area reserved for his team.

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