Minion Rush New Tab for Google Chrome

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Today, we’re looking at Gameloft, one of the most important developers on the Android platform, as a rival to everyone’s favorite games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run: Minion Rush.

┬áThe game is inspired by Despicable Me. Gru’s servants in the film, we control the yellow, sweet, naughty minions in the game. Again, as in other games of this genre, quests, characters, power-up empowerment comes out. With different different enhancements, you witness different fun moments. Sometimes you even fly down when the power-up time is over. This will end your game. Both beautiful and dangerous.

The use of minions as characters in the game increases our sympathy for the game. Gameloft thought about it well. However, it is not known whether Gru, Agnes, or any other film character would have attracted so much attention.


All of the characters have a different characteristic. One boosts power-IP boosts, one adds a different feature, one doubles the collected bananas. They all work differently. That is the characters that are not taken for sheer pretension just like their counterparts in the game.


With the latest updates, the characters have been upgraded. You can now improve the features of the characters and upgrade them. For example, if the referee character extends the Mega Minyon enhancement by 10 seconds, it can go up to 15-20 seconds with the enhancements.

In our game, we always get different tasks. Again in this game the multiplier score is important for us. But there is a difference, the multiplier in the game when we make the so-called crazy movement can increase. This makes you earn points a little faster while running to the high score.


We take our duties from three different people (s). We take it from Gru, Dr. Nephario or Gru’s daughters. There are constantly different, increasingly difficult tasks. As you complete missions, your multiplier increases.


The game is constantly being updated by Gameloft. At first there was only one map in the game, now the number of maps output up to five. The option to run in different areas is a distinctive feature for players that sets this game apart from other games. The occasional addition of new characters, Halloween or Christmas updates … The game always stays up to date.


As for the voices, it is exactly the sound of those mischievous minions in the film. These sounds of sweet creatures amuse you. You enjoy the game while playing, you have fun and make your face laugh.


Finally, we examine the graphics of the game. The graphics of the game are really ahead of their counterparts. Colorful, color tones, sharpness slightly higher than other games. Again, the graphics quality is much better than other games. The animations of the game are well designed to satisfy us.

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