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Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) is a world-famous superhero who once spent his time fighting evil. But in recent times, the lawsuit against the damage caused by the superheroes to save lives has increased so much that the government finds a way to force the superheroes to retire.

Under the witness protection program, all superheroes begin to live an ordinary life by hiding their identities and are prohibited from doing heroism. Once upon a time, Mr. Incredible Bob, a former superhero like himself, Helen / Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is bored at home with his children Violet, Dash and Jack Jack baby, a letter he receives opens a door to return to the old days.

The Incredibles is reminiscent of the great master Alan Moore, the god of comics in the subject, the Hugo-winning Watchmen, written at the height of the nuclear war paranoia of the 80s. Under the direction of the government, the people are provoked against superheroes and their confidence is shaken when they are called to remove their masks. The originality of the subject and the motto of who will protect us from superheroes have now inspired Marvel’s Civil War series.

Back in the film, the Incredibles, which began with the story of a retired superhero, witnessed the unhappiness and impassibility of a middle-class family father who was prevented from realizing his dreams in the first half. In the second half, we’re watching an action adventure that mixes the 60s James Bond movies and the Fantastic Four.

The Incredibles is also a family film, but it is also a family film that is able to say good things about the concept of family. Moreover, it does not reach a moral point because it does not do so through a customary family example. The superpowers of the whole family are as strong as the current father figure, and the mother is elastic, just as the mothers symbolize the ability of mothers to catch up with all the arms in daily life.

The young girl is a shy and maladaptive teenager who makes her invisible, a reflection of the problems of all adolescents and the desire to get lost in the crowd. The little boy of the house is a symbol of adrenaline-filled verbalism and hyperactivity, as seen in every little boy with super speed. Jack Jack baby is full of surprises and unknowns like all babies.

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