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What has he swallowed all his life in a black hole? If we don’t know the exact color, we have the opportunity to learn how to go through a hole in Hole.io. It can be fun to appear anywhere in the city you live in, remove buildings and shopping malls. But chaos for people living in the city!

In a city built on a 3D map, we swallow people, cars and even buildings. Our goal is to bring as alive and lifeless as possible to our dark and chaos-filled hole. By touching the screen or tilting to the left, we can move our black hole to every corner of the city.
The game is very easy to play, the level of entertainment in terms of reaching very high points. After all, a black hole should not be boring! Also, remember that easy-to-play games are definitely not easy to win.
If you want to enlarge and destroy larger areas and black holes, you need to swallow more buildings, cars and people. As your space expands, the drop in the black hole at once will contain larger amounts of objects. Also, you do not swallow larger objects until they reach a sufficient size. For example, to swallow a vehicle, you must first be as large as the width of that car.
Of course, there are certain limits to growth. Or the game can last forever because of the theory that black holes will not stop until they are big enough to swallow everything in the universe. Number of the most popular and Classic players in the game. In this episode, you walk through a city with 20 players at the same time and start to swallow what you see. At the end of the game, the player with the largest black hole area wins.
However, other black holes in the game also need to pay attention. As you walk around the city, a bigger black hole than your black hole can swallow you. Therefore, do not try to swallow objects while only 20 players are traveling through black holes at the same time. If you forget to watch your back, you will have dinner for another black hole. This 20-hole black hole adventure has a 2-minute time limit. For two minutes, you’re trying to swallow a city where you’re responsible for its destruction.
Another game option is to stay alive until the end of the game. In this game mode you are fighting your opponents and trying to reach the end of the game yourself. This town has just enough building for a black hole! Finally, there is a mode called “as many episodes as possible for fun”. In this mode, you eat as many objects as possible to win in just 2 minutes.
Also, if you want to stroll and play in the same city as your friends, you can connect and have fun using Bluetooth connectivity. If the game is examined in terms of graphics and music, it can be said that it is sufficient. With the selection of colors that are quite vivid in graphics, the pleasure you receive while playing the game is increasing. In terms of music, there was no music when the game first appeared, then music was added by music enthusiasts.
Looking at the user reviews seen so far, most players are dependent on it. Easy to play but difficult game types, a kind of game that attracts the attention of players. Therefore, Hole.io manages to connect players. In addition, the game creates great competition with the game, the player’s passion for winning the game, invites you to learn the life of black holes!

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