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Happy Wheels is a computer version of the physics-based skill game, which is widely appreciated on mobile devices.

After downloading Happy Wheels, you can play immediately without loading. In Happy Wheels, a skill game that can manage to be ridiculous and entertaining, we drive on wheels with cars. The game allows us to choose one of the different heroes. After choosing our hero, we talk about our maneuverability in specially designed sections.

The vehicles we use in the game are wheelchairs, interesting vehicles such as single-person skateboards. Our main goal while driving with these tools, not topple, do not crash, to reach the end of the section without getting stuck in the pits and traps.

In Happy Wheels’s physics-based gameplay, our hero reacts according to ragdoll physics rules. In other words, the limbs of our heroes like arms and legs can swing freely and the hero can roll somersaults. Although Happy Wheels has simple 2D graphics, the nonsense you make in the game is enough for your entertainment.

All of Happy Wheels turns to take a man from deadly traps on a Segway to the finish line. AllĀ  15 levels have a different layout and multiple surprises to keep players protected.

The protagonist can inflict a large amount of bodily harm to the impressor by allowing players to continue their attempts for a long time after coming out of the very severe shock of the removal of the limbs of a normal person. Players even have the ability to scan with floppy limb controls that remind me of QWOP after the Segway breaks down. It’s all bloody mess, but it’s just ridiculous enough to be funny.

8 thoughts on “Happy Wheels New Tab for Google Chrome

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    does not help you get what you need to do, not helpful!!!!
    >: ( i hate the website and they will probably delete this before anyone sees it so people will like it and try it. But if you see This just close of.
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      Why do you hate? If there is something wrong with our website please, let us know in order to give you a better experience.


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