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Unlike the knowledge of many people who read these lines, Fortnite is not actually a battle royale (BR) game. Available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on July 25, 2017, Fortnite is a game where players can team up and serve up to four players. PvE (Save the World), which is rich in content and roughly defined as “Minecraft mix with Left 4 Dead”, is now under construction and will be free to play when it is completed. BR mode, which brings the game to the point where it arrived today, departed in September and is developing at an incredible pace, getting richer and growing. Let’s start by telling you how to play Fortnite in titles without further ado.

As I said above, you can easily define the “Minecraft mix with Left 4 Dead” form to be understood. Zombie-like creatures are our enemies in Save the World, whether you’re alone or with four friends. Our goal in the game is to collect resources on randomly generated maps in each task, build the structure required by the task, and repel the waves of enemies. Save the World, which has a rich content so that Fortnite can only be imagined by those who know only the BR mode, is actually a precursor to the future content of BR. In the first month of the game, before the release of BR, it has exceeded the 1 million sales threshold, so it is easier to understand how the game is a value and how it is acquired.

Let’s come to the real issue, the details of the BR, which many of you are reading. In the BR mode released in September, 100 players jump into the same map and try to be the last surviving person or team. It is possible to compare Fortnite BR with PUBG, but there are serious differences between the two games. First of all, the Fortnite BR has a built-in feature, which has a serious impact on gameplay and the end of the game because it offers players the opportunity to build structures or even castles. On the other hand, the map is smaller than the PUBG’s map. Fortnite BR does not have any means of transportation, which is not necessary. Another important difference is that the bullets from the weapons in the Fornite BR do not go directly to the aiming point as in the realistic nok shooter niş games, ie the bullets are progressively scattered. When all these differences come together, it offers more “casual” and fun playing experience than PUBG’s close to simulation. Fortnite BR.

Fortnite BR, which presents a colorful content to the players with its output, prepared a system called “Battle Pass” in the following months. The second season of the game, which was offered for sale at around $ 10 in the Battle Pass with the game – including cosmetics – characters, emotions, dances and many more added to the game. A small part of them can be accessed directly, and a large part of them is opened with stars earned by performing daily tasks. You can have all the content from the first day by paying a solid sum for what you say. The third season’s Battle Pass, which has just been released, has a lot more content than the previous one, and it’s a copy of John Wick, the biggest prize of the season.

Fortnite’s producer, Epic Games, is perhaps pursuing a policy that should be an example for all gaming companies. Producers who develop the game with great transparency make progress by taking the opinions of the players on almost every subject. Epic Games, which eliminates the errors that occur after the updates, brings continuous innovations to the game and gameplay. With the start of the third season and the release of the 3.0.0 update, “Hand Cannon” was added to the weapon range of the BR mode, while significant improvements were also made in construction.

Thanks to the new  Turbo Building feature, it is enough to keep pressing the mouse instead of clicking one by one for each piece during construction. Or Auto Change Materials  ​​provides an automatic switch to other available resources when the wood, brick and metal resources used during construction are finished, thus eliminating the blockages in the construction of panic. With Save the World, Hoverboard was added to the game, which is unlikely to be in the future. In the meantime, the game’s console versions of the frame-rate value of 60 to another important development. Finally let me give the following to the color-blind like me that the game was brought to the color-blind mode!

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