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Dr. driving is based on performing the tasks given in a simple city simulation. It’s a game that doesn’t look very attractive with its graphics. But when you start playing and you’re used to the steering wheel and controls, it’s a game where you get caught up with sudden turns. The other cars in the game do not have any intelligence, if you stand in front of them pass bam. In the game if you touch the upper middle area of ​​the screen, the rearview mirror opens.

Although the number of cars in the game is very difficult to reach. the money you receive from the task is not enough to repair. Repair is also discussed how necessary. I don’t think it works so much I didn’t feel too much of the benefit. In order to get a quality car, you must convert the coins to the coins of the game.

Let’s talk about the game system. Have to reach the specified target with gasoline given in missions. for this you need to go at medium speed and using the minimum level brake .Comfort mode in a person at least to shake the target is to reach the target by jumping in the speed of the task as fast as possible, we are trying to reach the target on the road as fast as possible quickly, except in the drifting task is a lot to wrap, but it is usually very difficult to do the task or I could not do.

Enjoy the fun of the different modes in the game. Career Mode, Car Laboratory, Best Racer, Tournament, Taxi and Champion in the game where you can develop by completing missions in the game. As you complete your tasks, combine new car parts to get new models or upgrade your existing vehicles. In the tournament section, you can compete with other players online and compete with them. Rise to the top of the rank system. Gasoline in the game, your right to play. A total of 10 gasoline is lost when you play a section and a new one is replaced every 10 minutes.

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