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Have you ever had a target of getting bored with life? That’s the question I have to ask before starting the review, because Cuphead will give you the pleasure according to the answer to the question I ask. If that’s my answer to your question,’’ yes! ‘’, you can start reading the rest of my review and find out what challenging boss battles with Cuphead have to me. Also, if your answer is something negative, like I don’t want, you can go on again. Because the question I asked was not a negative thing about the game. I’d like to tell you this for a long time.

What is Cuphead?

I think this is the first question to be asked. Cuphead is the game that takes us to a challenging universe with the theme of the old cartoon aroma. The boss battles, including platform sections and small games, welcome us in the game. On September 29, 2017, the game was produced by the StudioMDHR Entertainment.

Only available on Xbox One and PC platforms, Cuphead is presented with an interesting story and really cute characters. Even though it makes you crazy, it is not possible to hate even those annoying bosses where you can feel the creativity of the developer team. Not only the enemies, but also the voices and voices made as magnificent as the character design. I’ll talk about why we like the content I’ve already mentioned.

Now, it is not possible to say much about the gameplay offered by Cuphead. Therefore, I would like to point out that you should not expect a part of the gameplay that I can tell very long. Game, the player has presented to the gameplay, I will begin to tell immediately. First of all, the game story, let me talk about it, is already too short.

The main characters of our main characters, Cuphead and his closest friend, Mugman, are trying to get the souls of the wicked so that the devil cannot take the soul of these two friends. Remember the Contra? You know, in the ’90s and early 2000s, you were remembered as one of the most frequently played games on the console where we found 1000s of games in a single cassette called the “Atari”. As the gameplay of Cuphead, I can show you Contra. Sure, they don’t look exactly like each other.

Let me continue immediately. When you play the one-man mode of the game, that old cartoons in the game, we expect more than one various sections. Of course, in general, the game is focused on boss battles. In fact, as far as I can see, all bosses have more than one stage, and each stage has different abilities. For example, rather than the later stages of the game, I’ll talk about frogs that come up in their early stages. In the first stage, one of the frogs is shooting at us and the other is throwing bees. In stage 2, the tall frog acts as a fan, pushes us back, and the other throws something that bounces us. The third stage is annoying and frankly the part that is insane. The frogs turn into a slot machine and send us all kinds of traps.

The bad part is that in all boss battles, there are multiple stages and challenging battles. I mean, it’s not really bad, of course, the word is bad. Otherwise, we cannot say anything other than to say that the developer team has achieved its purpose. You may feel like you’re going back to those old hard games we’ve been looking for a long time. There are no boss battles. The developer team has kept the fan a bit wider. Platform sections are also in the game and if you ask frankly, boss battles are not as difficult. It’s still hard, but they don’t have a boss battle. In addition to being easy, they also give you lots of money, which are in a serious place.

This is easier than the boss battles, and you’ve entered the sections of the collection and you’ve finished picking up the pieces. You’re wondering what you can do with the money you earn? It helps you buy a variety of skills. These abilities can be given as examples of 1 extra life-giving projectile, bullets following the enemy, bullets returning from the same location as boomerang. You can manage your skills and challenge the enemy according to your style of play.

I haven’t mentioned the difficulty options in the game, for example, I’ll tell them right away. Simple and regular have 2 different challenges. Simple mode, seriously easy. If you win in the Simple difficulty setting, your path opens, but you cannot collect the spirit, unfortunately. Also, you cannot see the real capacity of the boss battle. If you’re going to try the Simple difficulty mode to find out what the boss is like, I can tell you first, it doesn’t even show half the power of the boss.

Regular difficulty is a challenge for players who are looking for those tough old games. Every boss battle turns into a full bullet hell. You don’t understand where it came from or where it went. The boss you’re fighting, he puts all his strength against you. This includes more fever, more abilities than in Simple difficulty mode. They call it the difficulty setting Regular, but this is Hell. If you somehow manage to win in the Regular difficulty setting, you’re both coming and collecting the boss’s spirit. With these spirits you collect, you can move to the next section.

Your eyes are looking for those old hard games, but if you can’t find the game in the style you want, I definitely believe that you should definitely give Cuphead a chance to be a guest. If you are one of those who are not looking for the old hard games, I would definitely recommend the game again. Cuphead is a game that everybody should try once.

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