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Our game is Clash of Clans. I’ve been playing for about a month. The main goal in the game is to arrange your village wisely and defend against enemies and attack other villages. We can say that this is a strategy game kara There are gold, potions, black potions and stones that operate in the logic of money. We use these to build new buildings in our village and to develop existing buildings. Gold coins; potions with elixir collectors; we can get black potions with potion probes. In order to buy stones, we need to pay real money.

You can build and improve potion collectors and defenses using gold. You can also build gold mines, army camps and barracks using potions. You can build barracks by using black potions and train special soldiers. You can also buy shields, gold, potions with stones and get the builder.

Shields prevent others from attacking your village. As you can get a shield using stone, if someone attacked your village and won, your shield will come free.

Builders build and develop new buildings. Development is not instantaneous. Holds for a certain period of time. If you’re just starting out, you’ll wait a few hours. But as you progress, you have to wait days for days. If you don’t want to wait you can finish using the stone immediately but as I said you need to pay real money for the stone. In addition, when you remove obstacles such as bushes, mushrooms, billets that occur in your village over time, you can find some stones. Another way of getting stone without money is to unlock successes. In this way, you can win xp and stone. Xp is a value that indicates the player’s level.

There is also a shop section in the game. You can buy new buildings (potion collector, mine), shields, decoration items, treasure items, army and defense items from the shop. To buy new items, you need potion, underneath, black potion or stone.

If you build a building built in your village, the damage score increases. In this way, the enemy uses more power to destroy that building. In addition, the speed and capacity of a building is increased. For example, when you develop the gold mine to a higher level, both the development capacity increases and the production speed increases. Produced gold or potions are stored in warehouses. Each item has its own store. We must protect these warehouses so that the enemy does not steal our enemy.

The most important building in the game is the village building. We also need to rise up the village building to build new buildings and further the existing ones. Even if the enemy attacked you and destroyed the village building, it would be considered a winner. Therefore, we must protect village buildings with walls and defensive elements. Because an enemy who cannot wash the village building cannot be considered one hundred percent.

There are groups called clans in the game. A newcomer cannot join a clan immediately. First, the clan must build the castle. After installing the castle you can set up your own clan. You can join another clan if you want. A player can fight with other players and fight clans in clans. Before the start of the clan war there is a preparatory phase. All these clan members fill each other’s clan castle with soldiers. In the war phase, everyone has the right to attack the enemy clan twice. You win a winning win bonus according to the battles you have won. You can collect the spoils after the war. To do this, simply click on the clan goal and hit the ball. You can also ask a member of your clan for troops from other members, even if there is no clan war. In order to fit more soldiers and booty into the clan castle, you must develop the clan fortress.

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