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Billionaire businessman Bruce Wayne spends his days at parties, having fun with his father’s money at entertainment, and tolerates the suffering of ordinary Gotham people and the corruption and crime in the city. But there is something nobody knows about Wayne: he is the world’s greatest detective, Batman, who gives fear to criminals’ hearts at Gotham nights. Our hero, who is patrolling the streets with a scary bat costume, fights crime by using his special device with infinite money. Batman is accompanied by his assistant, Robin. It is not necessary to introduce Batman, the most popular superhero in the world today. Batman, who owed this situation to the films to a large extent, remained in the shadow of Superman for a long time.

The year is 1939. The then National Comics offices are in joy as the name will change to DC Comics. The source of this happiness was recently created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The adventures of the Kryptonian hero, who was like a bomb in the world of comic books, are ravaging America. Siegel and Shuster, unconsciously invent the concept of superhero. But there is a fact that no publisher can rise on the shoulders of a single magazine.


That is why the task given to Bob Kane from that editor was very clear. “Create a new Superman for us!” Kane, on the other hand, wanted to make a modern adaptation of Zorro in a modern adaptation of Johnston McCulley’s,  The Curse of Capistrano an in 1919. Although Kane’s new hero had a costume like Superman, he wouldn’t be an alien. He wanted to create a master who was not only aware of the world of ordinary people like Don Diego de la Vega but who was only interested in entertaining. He thought of it as The Bat-Man, again inspired by the fact that Zorro’s name means Fox.

This first state of Batman is far from the character we know today. In Kane’s first sketches, the character’s costume was dominated by red tones. He was wearing a red jacket and red pants again in this Batman. His gloves and his famous belt were not yet. Boots, wings and mask were black. By mask, he had adopted a domino-style mask, like most heroic heroes, and was upset. On the other hand, instead of the cape, Kane’s wings were inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings.

Although Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, is known today, and Batman has come out of the idea as Bob Kane, a quirk of fate has led to the erasure of the name of Bill Finger, who contributed to the creation of this hero as much as Kane, perhaps even more. When he looked at Batman, he saw a much darker and more mystical character. He wanted more of a character that would cause criminals to feel almost supernatural. While Bob Kane imagined a modern Zorro, Bill Finger had another classic crime fighter in mind. He was the famous hero of the famous Falk, The Phantom.

In this way, Finger has made many corrections to the original idea. Batman’s family to be murdered by criminals and our hero is to fight the criminals thereafter; in fact it is almost identical to the original Phantom’s origin story. According to Finger, the Phantom was a good example of a mysterious heroic typing that, despite the fact that it did not have extraordinary powers, had supernatural fears in the hearts of criminals, and even legendary throughout the ages.

Finger then went into costume. The aim was to make Batman a much darker character. The mask is gone first. Instead of half hood covering the entire face came. One of the most important contributions of Finger to Batman image is that it does not draw eyes. Batman’s eyes are just like the Phantom. So we can never understand what you think.

Then the colors of the costume changed. Finger thought the costume was too bright for such a hero. Kane thought that red and black were good. He won the debate. The reds are gone and the costume has shades of black and gray. When he thought that the wings would look silly during the action, Finger did not neglect to give Batman a cloak with wings similar design. Finally, the Batman detective with the bare hands of the planned evidence of damage to the possible evidence of disturbing the finger our hero was added glove and Batman is a bit like the hero we know today.

But undoubtedly, Bill Finger’s greatest contribution to Batman was to find his name. The name of our hero who had to be one of Gotham’s riches had to be called a dignity. The name Bruce Wayne is the combination of Robert the Bruce, the Scottish king who rebelled against the British, and the family names of Anthony Wayne, the famous American general of the colonial era. So in the American ears, the name of our hero was both noble and ancient.

Batman, who was finally released on the pages of the “Detective Comics # 27 man released in May 1939. This first adventure is called The Case of the Chemical Syndicate. Batman, which has the potential to capture the spirit of the period and appeal to a wider audience, is the second biggest success of the publishing house.

However, in this first year, Batman was not seen as a visual and personality, and Batman we did not know. Batman, developed by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in Detective Comics pages by artists such as Dick Sprang and Jerry Robinson, takes about a year to evolve. Kane first creates Batman’s famous tool belt in, Detective Comics # 29 K. In this way, as a side effect, the yellow color also joins the costume of our hero.

In September 1939, the reader met with the reader on the pages of “Detective Comics # 31”. Our hero starts using Batarang, a boomerang-style weapon. In time, this weapon becomes Batman’s trademark. We’ll meet the same number of batplanes. So the reader learns that Batman is using his own tools to move from one place to another. As Bruce Wayne is very rich, it is reasonable to produce or buy these tools.

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