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Super cars are designed with a focus on crazy power values; you don’t get to see people in the traffic to go to work with these vehicles, roam the freeway and get the job done. But the Audi R8 is different about it, as always. This car is probably the best mix of a super car and road car, and the R8 has made the line between the coolest and the crazy with its second generation well-known, good or bad.

Personally, I think the new R8 might be a little crazier. Audi’s second generation of this super car is as easy as an Audi A4 with the help of a world-leading driving technology that’s easy to use from home to home. Even when surfing the highway or on the secondary roads, the R8 feels like a V10 engine rather than an exotic super car.

R8 gives you a special driving experience when you choose to push it; but I assure you that this is a compliment that seems like a compliment. The enormous power of the atmospheric 5.2-liter V10 is immediately evident from the moment you touch the gas. In this Plus model we tested, the engine in the center of the chassis provides 610 hp and 560 Nm of torque. The transmission of this to the road is provided by a four-wheel drive system. Standard R8 V10 – no longer V8 🙁 – $ 27,000 cheaper, but the Plus is relatively weaker than the model (540 hp), is not as agile as the Plus.

The R8 is surprisingly fast, the 610 hp version completes the acceleration of 0-96 km / h in 3.2 seconds, and in doing so you feel the vehicle’s conservatism. From scratch, “It’s too fast!” I can confirm that the response time is about 0.5 seconds, so we have to take this into account in the acceleration time. Whether it’s full throttle or not, the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission is always ready to do its job when you’re in control of the steering wheel. Gear shifts are quick and the V10 is connected to the red line until the engine is fully connected to you, so the gearbox is ready to react immediately to your requirements. Yeah, I’m missing the 6 gearboxes on the R8 – especially the gear shifts – like you. but Audi’s S-tronic transmission is a much better companion for the 5.2-liter engine with smooth and faster gearshifts, as opposed to the old R-tronic automatic gearbox.

As with all new Audi’s, the R8 features three options, Auto, Comfort and Dynamic, with a Dynamic Select function where you can adjust the steering wheel, suspension settings and engine / transmission performance. I suggest you two settings; either leave everything completely in Auto, or press the checkered flag button on the steering wheel. This special performance option comes standard on the R8 V10 Plus, and everything is aggressive. A button turns the R8 into a super car from a comfortable ride car in the blink of an eye. For maximum effect, they should paint this button red.


Everything in the Auto mode, the R8 is very soft, corrects road defects and is easy to use. This tool is surprisingly agile and opinion, better than you can imagine. With a light and easy wheel, a feel is no different from maneuvering with a TT. But when you turn on the performance settings, the R8 “fires” its comfortable ID and the engine suddenly starts roaring, everything gets more noisy, just like a red rocket at a time. The $ 1,400 Dynamic Steering package makes the steering a little harder, but the response is much faster, and the vehicle moves as if it’s turning around you rather than swinging. Tires adhere to the road and the suspension hardens and the vehicle is well positioned in tough corners while maintaining overall stability. When you go to work comfortably and comfortably go to a vehicle, a car becomes a complete race at once. Unbelievable.

The R8 V10 Plus is a vibrant and exciting tool when used in Auto mode. If you are generous in the gas and steering inputs, the car will fit it appropriately and relax with you when you decide to calm down. In fact, the difference between a normal car and a super car in a package is bigger than ever, but much more balanced than other cars in its class. One of the cars that can get close to the R8 is the McLaren 570S, which can be turned into a racing machine at the time of need. If I had to choose between the two, it would be a difficult decision – the 570S is clearly better, but the R8 is a tool I would like to spend every day with.

When you sit on the R8 and close the door, you don’t go into an interesting world of super-carriages – you have an Audi all the way to the glass buttons. The enormous Virtual Cockpit infotainment system in the front section (a secondary pop-up screen does not appear in the middle of the dashboard as in A4) controls all functions and there are only two buttons on the steering wheel, one of which is the red Start Engine that you can easily access with your thumb. Run – button. All the control keys give a solid feel and the organizations and the settlements made quite sense. The cabin in general terms is remarkable. The material quality is first class, the vehicle is quiet and the quilted leather seats are seriously comfortable and supportive. The design has managed to be special without being intimidating like a Lamborghini Huracan. It has a unique but friendly atmosphere – a nice mix of feature and familiarity.

Your eyes are as good as mine, so you can make your own conclusions in the external design. But when I talk to my friends and passers-by, the conversations about the design are all about the beauty of the vehicle – the vehicle looks great, there is no objection to it – it’s not about it, it’s more a question of how the R8 looks than its predecessor. The situation is; it is not easy to be the successor of the original R8, a car that has never been seen before and is a remarkable car. The sharper edges in this car look much better, and the new coupe is able to attract as much attention as it once was. The large rear lights, side panels and huge 20-inch wheels offer a great view.

Still, I’m not sure that the concept of the super car, suitable for all these everyday uses, works. If you only have a car and you have a super car in mind, I would definitely recommend the R8. However, these vehicles are usually the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th cars of the house, so this is a special experience. In this case, I would recommend the McLaren 570S or 570GT, which is a bit better in driving, although it is not as good as the R8 in the interior. If your only vehicle is going to be a super car, the R8 is what you’ll want to drive every day because of the comfort and convenience issues I mentioned earlier. But the question is: who gets these tools for daily use?

Whatever it is, Audi’s super-day-of-the-day super car is better than ever with its second generation – it can mean a lot to many people. Comfortable and harmonious, but can be hot and crazy at any time. Ten years ago, he was a successor to the iconic coupe model. Though not the hardest child in the R8 class; extremely extreme example of everyday use, exceptional design, outstanding comfort / technology and noisy performance.

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